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What does DPSS stand for?

DPSS is an abbreviation for "Diode Pumped Solid State Laser"

How do DPPS lasers work?

This way of generating laser light bases on the resonator principle in combination with pump energy.
The general working principle is rather complex and requires an explanation on the atomic level. These detailed explanations can be found on Wikipedia:
Different colored DPSS sources (red, blue and others) were used in the show laser light industry by 2010, but nowadays DPSS sources are usually used for creating the green laser color (532nm wavelength). This results from the red and blue DPSS lasers having had either bad beam specifications, incontrast to the modern Diode Laser solutions, or a short lifetime.

What laser systems are equipped with DPSS sources?

There is a huge difference in quality of nowaday's DPSS sources: The lower priced sources are usually used in affordable, entry-level laser systems, whereas high precision an high end DPSS sources are used for high power and high precision applications.

Buy DPSS show laser systems

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