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What is a club laser? A club laser is a show laser light system for entertainment purposes especially used in clubs, discotheques, pubs and bars. These laser systems create focused laser beams as well as effects such as animated images and...

What is Color Balance? Color balance describes the intensity of the source colors in relation to each other. Typically the laser sources are red, green and blue. With matching these colors and adjusting the intensity per color source it is...
Continuous Wave (CW), also Continuous Waveform, refers to a continuous, temporally constant laser radiation within the laser range. The opposite is a pulsed laser.A CW laser has no power intensity peaks. Only CW lasers are allowed to be used for...
The term Corneal Reflex refers to the protection mechanism of the eye when the eyelid reflexively closes as soon as foreign objects rapidly move towards the eye / bright light flashes into the eye. The corneal reflex is an important factor when it...
CW Laser is the abreviation for "Continuous Wave Laser"See: "Continuous Wave Laser"

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