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Which Show Laser do you recommend for an Outdoor Laser Show?

What are the best show lasers for an outdoor laser show? Our high-end laser systems of the RTI PIKO and RTI NANO Series or of the tarm G and the tarm HD Series are particularly suitable for such events.The RTI NANO show lasers are already water and weather-proof according to IP 65, for other laser devices we recommend special weather-proof housing like the NANO dark weather. Especially suitable...

Why is there condensation inside our laser device?

Professional laser systems usually have cooling/heating elements built inside the projector. Although these are meant for keeping the laser modules at operation temperature, the climate inside the laser device needs to be quite balanced.If you place a laser projector next to a fog machine or next to the air condition outlet (or even to the normal ventilation system) there may be a condensation...

Isn't it expensive to purchase from Switzerland?

As Laserworld has their central warehouse in Valley near Munich in Germany, nearly all products ship from there. That way you can benefit from low shipping costs and fast lead times - world wide!

How can I identify a very good and quality laser system?

It is very important that the laser light is in a good visible color spectrum as well as the diodes have a very low divergence. The beam diametre at aperture is normally not relevant, especially over longer distances.The laser beam should have a round beam shape in all colors, so all colors match 100% and give a perfect white. The scan speed should fit the requirement (the more complex the...

How can I evaluate the quality of a laser projector?

It is not the power that defines the quality of a showlaser system, but several other factors that dramatically influence quality and visibility.E.g. is a DS-1800RGB even better visible than a CS-2000RGB - even though the latter has more power.Factors for evaluation are: Laser power Laser diodes: Light color (wavelength): Decicive for visibility per mW power Type of laser diodes:...

How does Laserworld ensure product quality?

Laserworld has many testing stations in our central warehouse in Valley near Munich in Germany, where all our produtcs are 100% tested and a detailed quality control process takes place.We not only test the products very much in detail, but also use the feedback in our testing range to continuously improve our products and inspire the development engineers.

What do I need to respect in terms of laser output power?

In order to compare lasers worldwide, it is common to specify the effective outputpower, which is the most important criterion for objective comparison of lasers.It is specified in Watt or milliwatt (1W = 1000mW).Power is measured directly at the aperture of the laser source and before all optical components.Power distribution:Most important for the visibility of laser light is the balanced...

How does human eye perceive (laser) light?

The human eye perceives the different wavelengths of the visible color range with a different intensity. The optimum is at 555nm - the green DPSS as RGB elementary color meets this as the most closest.Therefore it is decisive to find the perfect balancing act between best power distribution and largest green part in order to match the best possible visibility.The closer the nanometer is to this...

How are the different colors created with lasers?

With a full color solid state laser, (at least) three different laser modules are used together. White light as well as mixed colors are generated by the additive color mixture of red, green and blue (like e.g. the TV set). Color shades are produced with the partial switch-off or the dimming of single colors, which is so called "analog modulation".To increase output power or to create a larger...

Do I need to pay additional import duties on package receival?

European customers get their parcels DDP (Deliver Duty Paid), meaning that Laserworld does all the import handling and customs clearing: You purchase just as if you purchase from somwhere else in Europe. No extra duties are charged to you.DDP shipments are only possible to customers with valid VAT ID.

Why does Laserworld ship Express?

Laserworld always ships Express - except for Germany, but on request we´ll ship express here, too.Due to the high parcel volume, Laserworld gets very good shipping conditions at all. As Express shipment costs are quite the same as standards shipment, we're proud to be able to offer you Express shipment without additional costs.  

Why can all European commercial customers (except D) purchase from Laserworld without being charged any taxes?

Laserworld´s central warehouse is located in Germany and our European customers benefit from that: as we deliver our products through intra-Community trade you don't have to pay VAT (applies for commercial customers with VAT ID, not for customers from Germany). In combination with our quite affordable shipping costs and our extremely fast shipment to Europe (normally only one day) this is a huge...

Why does Laserworld always give minimum and maximum values for their laser products?

It is physically not possible to give exact power values of show lasers, as several factors influence the power.Especially DPSS (Diode Pumped Solid State) laser modules are quite sensitive to exterior influences like temperature and excessive shock. DPSS modules consist mainly of three sections:- a pump energy source (where there may be slight differences in power),- a resonation area (that...

How can Laserworld give a Lowest Price Guarantee for their projectors?

Laserworld sells over 4000 lasers per month. Due to that high volume and a strong worldwide dealer network it is possible to guarantee our dealers the very lowest price for comparable systems.As show laser experts Laserworld continuously develops new products and makes cooperations with partners all over the world.Please see our Distributed Brands for further details.Laserworld knows well about...

Why are laser projectors so expensive?

Lasers are cheaper than ever before: About 10 years ago, prices were at minimum 100.000 Euro for 5W RGB (or at least at that range). The units were water cooled and needed huge power supplies.So lasers are very affordable nowadays.  

Do you sell lightsabers like in Star Wars?

It is not possible to create lightsaber like effects: You cannot "terminate" the laser beam somewhere, it can physically not be terminated without having an end-point (surface).Light can not be ended somewhere, it can only "fade out", meaning intensity is reduced with greater distances. But this is of course not feasible for a lightsaber.Please also read the FAQ regarding projection surfaces 

Can I make 3D projections in the air with lasers?

You always need a surface to reflect the laser light. This can be fog or haze for beam shows, or all kinds of screens for projections. Very common screen types are waterscreens, gauze screens, rear projection screens or fog screens.All 3D-like projections with lasers also need kind of a surface to be reflected on! Real 3D is not possible without having a 3D surface.BUT: You can of course...

Do I need fog or haze to make the laser beams visible?

You always need a surface to reflect the laser light. This can be fog or haze for beam shows, or all kinds of screens for projections. Very common screen types are waterscreens, gauze screens, rear projection screens or fog screens.All 3D-like projections with lasers also need kind of a surface to be reflected on!It is not possible to create laser-sword like effects: You cannot "terminate" the...

Is there a difference between scanning systems and optical effects?

Optical effects are created by using a certain glass/mirror structure with micro structures, that deflect or manipulate one laser beam hitting the optical component, so that a special effect is generated. Optical effects are e.g. burst grating, line grating, shot beams, etc.Also the glass gobos in the Proline Series are optical effects.The advantage of optical effects in contrast to normal...

Do I need special knowledge to operate a laser projector?

In general there is no deeper knowledge necessary to operate a laser projector in a physical sense. However, laser light may be quite dangerous if it is not properly used.Due to the coherence of the laser light (same direction and wave characteristics of the light - different to normal light sources), the very sharp rays can be dangerous to human eye or immission sensors.However, if you respect...

Are there any white light star effects?

YES, the Laserworld GS-400RGB WHITE STAR is a white light star effect laser, and can even do more different color shades. For professional applications, the tarm DOT is the right choice for doing white light or multi color star effects projections without the use of scanning systems - and thus flicker-free.

Is your laser control software Mac / Apple compatible?

Phoenix Showcontroller and Pangolin do not run on MAC / Apple OSx. However, it is possible to operate all software products, that we offer, in a Windows emulated environment on Mac systems. There are several technical limitations that make it tricky to just switch existing software solutions to Mac OS ( e.g. deep integration with DirectX or OpenGL and similar Windows APIs).

Which blue color offers best visibility - 405nm, 445nm or 473nm?

In terms of visibility, the Nanometre values that are nearer to 550nm are better than values farer away. Please see the visibility curve below:>>> read more >>>

I got a brand new laser, but it doesn't seem to work. What shall I do?

Before calling your vendor our our service line, please check the following points:- do you use the right operation voltage?- is the environmental temperature not below 10°C?- is the interlock connector plugged in (if there is a interlock connector, of course)?- is the key switch turned to "on"?- if there is a mechanical shutter: is it moved aside?- doese the laser only not work in one operation...

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