What do I need to respect in terms of laser output power?

In order to compare lasers worldwide, it is common to specify the effective outputpower, which is the most important criterion for objective comparison of lasers.
It is specified in Watt or milliwatt (1W = 1000mW).
Power is measured directly at the aperture of the laser source and before all optical components.

Power distribution:
Most important for the visibility of laser light is the balanced power bistribution on the base colors. A full color laser system (or: RGB system) should give a perfect balanced, white laser light. The white light can be balanced by reducing single base colors. If a single color needs to be reduced in power in a greater extent to get a balanced white, e.g. the green laser, effective overall output
power of the laser system is reduced as well. That‘s why it is very important to have the laser components in a projector at harmonized power. Especially important are the wavelengths of the individual colors.

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All Purelight, Tarm and RTI units give a perfect white output in a range from cool white to warm white


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