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Laserworld was the initial distribution brand of Laserworld (Switzerland) AG. In the first years after the foundation of the company this brand covered all product ranges that were supplied, which initially were Ecoline, EvoScan, Club, Revolution, Proline and Purelight Series.
The product ranges have been modified over the years and a lot of improvements have been done. With the acquisition of several subsidiaries and the continuous improvements of the products the product ranges were improved and focussed. Some product ranges have been switched to production partners.

The current product range sold under Laserworld Label consists of:

Advantages of the Laserworld product range

All Laserworld products are 100% quality controlled at our central warehouse in Valley, Germany (near Munich) prior to shipment. Of course, some parts of these units need to be manufactured in China to supply you at lowest prices. But: Laserworld does the development and defines the production structures to ensure a stable quality, continuous improvements and compliance with corresponding regulations.
The final assembly and adding value is done in Valley, Germany, to make sure that the quality standards are met.

Garden Star (GS)

The Laserworld Garden Star lasers are special lighting effects for gardens, parks, for use at home, for parties, for indoor as well as outdoor use. It's more than a garden laser - it can be used as Halloween laser or to illuminate Christmas Trees as well - and even more applications are possible.
Hundreds of red and green (and blue) thin laser beams creating twinkling star like projections on plants, trees, walls, facades, ponds, at ceilings and on many other objects. The Laserworld Garden Star garden lasers are particularly suitable for effective lighting in gardens and outdoor areas. The waterproof housings of the Garden Star projectors even allow for placing them next to ponds or pools. Different versions are available: dual color (red and green) and RGB (red, green and blue) devices as well as versions with additional LEDs and whitelight starry sky effects.
2017 category laserworld lasers garden star series

Ecoline Series (EL)

The Ecoline Series has been developed as low-price product line for price sensitive customers that want to buy show laser systems in the lower powered range.
All Ecoline systems are, depending on the model type, equipped with stepper motor deflection units or diffraction gratings.
As laser sources this product range uses:
red: 650nm diode
green: 532nm DPSS
blue: 445nm royal blue

Since 2012 Laserworld does not use any 405nm violet-blue lasers any more as well as no DPSS blue lasers at 473nm, as the new 445nm royal blue diode technology is much more reliable and provides a more advantageous color spectrum.

Since 2015 Laserworld offers a KeyTEX laser with an including keyboard for easy text and pattern projection.
2016 category laserworld lasers ecoline series

Evolution Series (ES)

The Evolution Series is the follow-up of the EvoScan Series. It mainly focusses customers that need more power, more color and better features than the Ecoline provides. All ES units are DMX512 controllable and come in a solid aluminium housing. Main customers for these products are small nightclubs and bars, but also people that use the systems for parties or in smaller venues.
But as the Evolution Series also provides rather strong multi color whitelight systems as well, even medium sized clubs sometimes choose Evolution Series units - especially to combine severals systems over DMX.
2016 category laserworld lasers evolution series US

Club Series (CS)

Club Series units are computer controllable over ILDA and also provide DMX, auto and sound control options. The CS show laser lights rank among the best-selling products of Laserworld and gained a big update in 2015 with the CS MKII projectors.
Especially the strong multi color lasers are very demanded, mainly by medium sized nightclubs. All CS units come with scanner systems, so they are capable of projecting graphics, textes, etc. - whatever is specified through the ILDA software.
2016 category laserworld lasers club series mkII

Proline Series (PRO)

The Proline Series fills the gap between the Club Series and the Diode Series. In contrast to the Club Series projectors the Proline units come with super bright 637nm red, which increases overall visibility. The small housings and the light weight make the units perfect for applications in nightclubs, bars or for mobile DJs. Due to the compact setup and versatility they are also suitable for rental companies. The Proline Series is both affordable and very strong. It is especially intended for applications, where the Club Series is too weak or the CS specifications are not sufficient, but the budget is tight. It’s a great way in the middle between the Club Series (basic solution) and the Diode Series (professional solution).
2016 category laserworld lasers pro series

Diode Series (DS)

The Diode Series units come with diode-only laser sources ("Pure Diode") and thus have great beam specifications with beautiful analogue color modulation.
The Diode Series can be controlled over ILDA and have a bult-in memory with preset patterns, that can be easily triggered through DMX. They can also be operated in automatic and sound-to-light mode. Beginners as well as professionals use the Laserworld Diode Series units, as they are easy to use, versatile in their features and very compact and lightweight.
2016 category laserworld lasers diode series

BeamBar Series

The BeamBar platform is a small footprint, solid state laser beam effect device to augment an existing laser show or to add an extra impact. The BeamBar units create a “fan” of laser beams, that can even be extended and thus can create a laser “barrier” or produce chases.
BeamBar is designed to either augment an existing laser show alongside traditional laser projectors, adding that extra impact. Or it can be used in isolation as an additional effect, in the ever expanding Swiss Army Knife of the professional lighting designer.
BeamBar can be controlled through DMX or runs in stand-alone or music mode. Each laser beam can be individually aligned through a 4-point alignment system.
The BeamBar is a great effect for stages, live gigs and nightclubs, as well as for TV Shows and show productions.
category-laserworld lasers beamnet series

Purelight Series

The Laserworld Purelight show laser lights are completely equipped with diodes and have very good beam specifications together with precise linear color fading behaviour and high power.
The Laserworld Purelight Series offers all-round solutions for professional applications. The devices can be controlled over ILDA and are graphics capable due to their fast scanning systems. A good divergence of only 1.1 - 1.3 mrad, brilliant colors with precise color fading behaviour and a accurate color balancing make the Laserworld Purelight Series a low-cost yet powerful solution for demanding laser applications - no matter if graphics projections, beam shows or professional advertising.
The projectors are built with Sealed Housing Technology and come with an internal PSU for easy travelling. Thanks to trim pots on the rear side of the device adjustments like color balance, X- / Y-axis offset and the Scan Fail Safety can be set quickly.
2017 category laserworld lasers purelightseries

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