Saturday, April 02, 2011  

For a long time green lasers dominated the laser market, as red and blue were quite expensive in production and rather bad in visibility.

Laserworld has made a huge leap forward and provides royal-blue laser systems and new RGB systems with royal-blue diodes inside. These new units are available in the Ecoline Series as well as in Evoscan and Club Series.

The royal-blue color is very good visible but still has a great, deep color at 445nm. This color is much nicer than the cyan (473nm) that has formerly been used and extremely brighter than the older blue-ray diodes (405nm).



Monday, April 04, 2011  

Star effect projectors generate nice, twinkling effects and most of them are even visible without fog. Laserworld released a new star effect that not only has red and green color, but also a strong royal-blue diode module inside: The CS-800S RGB! This unit generates astonishing RGB star effects filling the whole room. The big projection angle allows coverage of a big area. Control by DMX is possible, but also sound and auto mode is integrated.




Wednesday, April 06, 2011  

RTI-Logorgb 1
Laserworld proudly announces that Ray Technologies GmbH (RTI) is a subsidiary of Laserworld. Great possibilities open up to both companies thanks to this: Laserworld enhances the product portfolio with High-end OPSL systems, very compact built high precision systems and is able to offer Coherent Taipan OPSL modules as components to customers. RTI can completely focus on high precision manufacturing of laser projectors and technical components and can take advantage of the huge worldwide sales network of Laserworld.

All RTI products will be presented, sold and exclusively distributed by Laserworld - worldwide.

Order hotline: +49 (0)741/174899-0       or        [email protected]



Thursday, April 07, 2011


High professional laser users very often demand reliable solutions for outdoor use. The RTI NANO units offer many new possibilities: The robust aluminum housings are made with German precision and are built completely IP65 waterproof, even the connectors.

In combination with the extremely reliable diode modules (RGB version) or the ultra-precise Coherent Taipan OPSL modules (AT and Rainbow versions) the NANO Series offers highest power in extremely versatile housing. Not only do the NANO units have an ILDA interface, but they also have integrated LAN and SD-Card. This makes them also controllable through external W-LAN access points.

Despite their power the NANO units are still built extremely compact.
Thursday, April 07, 2011


Yes, size matters - RTI released a great small unit: It’s a cube with only 25 cm sidelength! The projectors, called PIKO, are available with 2.5W RGB and 4.0W RGB. These units are so small and so lightweight that you can easily bring your whole lasershow in your suitcase.

The PIKO units are equipped with extremely fast CT6210SE special tuned Cambridge Technology scanners and have all professional laser features you can imagine – even LAN and a remote control pad.
Sunday, April 10, 2011

Coherent Taipan OPSL

Since RTI joined Laserworld all production processes and organizational structures have been standardized. High purchase volumes and a continuous improvement of the laser systems enables Laserworld to offer a Best Buy Guarantee for all systems equipped with Coherent Taipan OPSL modules.

All RTI systems are completely Made in Germany and built at highest quality level. The OPSL modules fit that standard perfectly, as they are said to be the top end of solid state show laser technics.

Sunday, May 01, 2011  

purelight next level
Huge developments have taken place in the showlaser business in the past years. Laserworld now sets another level in price, functionality and quality: The new Pure-Projectors are built in finest quality and equipped with the well-known and very reliable SwissLas diode modules.

Our customers demanded more flexibility in projector control, as the common showlaser standard for laser control, ILDA, is quite old (parallel transmission) and low-level. So Laserworld decided to go one step ahead: The new projectors have a LAN interface included an external W-LAN access point can easily be used with. The projector can be controlled either real time by LAN (e.g. with Phoenix Showcontroller) or the LAN interface can be used to program the integrated SD-card with custom patterns, scenes and shows. The patterns on this SD-card can be run in auto mode, directly selected or they can be individually selected through DMX – or the standard integrated W-DMXTM. Laserworld is the first company worldwide that integrates all these features in one laser projector!

The new projectors are available in different setups. They are used for all Pure Sapphire and Purelight laser systems.


Monday, May 02, 2011


500Wireless Solution LOGO


Laserworld proudly announces to be the first company worldwide that seamlessly integrates W-DMXTM transmitters in their high professional Pure Sapphire and Purelight Serieslaser projectors – already in standard configuration!

W-DMXTM is a very reliable technology of Wireless Solutions, Sweden, that is used by a great number of professionals in the lighting industry. The advantages are clear: You do not need to have long DMX cables running to the stage, but transmit the DMX signal wireless through very stable frequency. Even longer transmission distances are possible!

With the W-DMXTM in the Laserworld projectors the operator can fully access the integrated SD-card memory, that can be custom recorded. As there is also a DMX output at the projectors, the W-DMXTM signal can also be patched to other DMX fixtures or units nearby – a great option to run a whole rig with W-DMXTM by just using the Laserworld laser projector as central signal receiver.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011  

Logo Phoenix4 1
Since April 2011, Laserworld is the new exclusive distribution partner for Phoenix Showcontroller. It was a clear decision as the sales strength and the distribution network of Laserworld is the best platform for Phoenix Showcontroller to grow and focus on further developments.

Laserworld now has an even higher stock of Phoenix Showcontroller software in Switzerland, Germany and in the Laserworld US warehouse to ensure short term availability at low costs.

Sunday, May 15, 2011  

Logo Phoenix4 1
To fit the needs of the high end users even better, Phoenix Showcontroller added a 7 color mixing option to Phoenix PRO/PRO+ Premium Edition. High professional users who work with more than three color systems now have the option to individually adjust each color channel and thus get full control over the color balance.

Phoenix was optimized to give a perfect, seamless rainbow effect even in 7 color mode.


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