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tarm DOT

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Quick Overview

Pure diode multi effect projector with a great white balance and unique glass effects like grids, lines and stars

tarm DOT


The tarm DOT multi effect laser projector is a whitelight pure diode solution with analog color modulation and unique glass effects. This effect laser light comes with a guaranteed output power of 2'700 mW.

  • 2'700 mW guaranteed output power
  • Several effects: grating grid, machado, stars, dotted line, continuous line, microstar starry sky
  • gobo wheels for adjusting colors, rotation and effects
  • high-precision diode arrays provide an excellent beam divergence of less than 1.0 mrad for a low beam diameter
  • pure diode laser
  • novel method for increasing the beam precision of the single-mode diodes
  • beautiful colors and great color fading
  • the tarm DOT impresses with a very bright 638 nm red
  • DMX control

Multiple beam effects of the integrated gobo wheels can be selected, rotated and positioned via DMX: grating grid, machado, stars, dotted line, continuous line and even a microstar effect which looks like a real starry sky.
The  Grid Narrow effect has a very tight scan angle with 50°, which is why illuminated objects can be seen even from a wide distance. In comparison to that, the Solid Line effect with 120° projects output in a wide scan angle flicker-free. Because of this effect it’s no problem to illuminate bigger objects. The Line effect at 90° does not show a solid line as such, like the Solid Line does, but separates individual laser colours through the optical refraction. Among these grating effects it is the Microstar starry sky effect which makes the unit particularly interesting for special applications, which previously did not exist.

Tarm DOT laser light projectors are compact RGB systems, which can be controlled via 13 DMX channels. This is very handy for touring because there is no need of another external laser software. Distinctive for this laser light system is a good white balance with a homogeneous beam profile and nice colour gradients. The principle of operation is therefore similar to an optical bench: effects are projected without any flicker. This is why the units are particularly suitable for TV productions.
Due to the analogue color modulation it is possible to get up to 160,000 color shades, including white.

The projector has good specifications with a beam diameter of ca. 3.5 mm and a beam divergence of less than 1.0 mrad (full angle).
It is equipped with a red (700 mW / 638 nm), a green (750 mW / 520 nm), and a blue (1'500 mW / 450 nm) diode laser source.

Color specifications, rotation and effects can be adjusted through a gobo-wheel. The zoom function allows a fourfold magnification of the bundled laser light.

The laser systems have a compact housing, thus they’re easily integrated into existing lighting setups and established room concepts. Due to the durable mounting bracket, the Tarm DOT systems can be mounted in standing and hanging position, thus it is possible to hang the units from a truss or mount them on top of a stand. Moreover the system has a display for addressing.

Additional Information

Guaranteed power at aperture: 2'700 mW
Power Red: 700 mW / 638 nm
Number of single red diodes: 4
Power Green: 750 mW / 520 nm
Number of single green diodes: 1
Power Blue: 1'500 mW / 450 nm
Number of single blue diodes: 1
Beam Specifications (full angle): ca. 3.5 mm / <1.0 mrad
Laser Sources: Diode
Laser Class: 4
Operation Modes: DMX
Scanner: gobo wheels
Accessories: power cable, manual, key, interlock connector
Power Supply: 85 V - 250 V / AC
Power Consumption: 320 W
Dimensions: 320/260/140 mm
Weight: 11.5 kg