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SwissLas PL-60.000B

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Quick Overview

Ultra-powerful blue single color show laser system with a guaranteed output power of 55'000mW and a typical output power of 62'000mW

SwissLas PL-60.000B


The SwissLas PL-60.000B high-end laser projectors offer a very innovative technology - the all-round solution for every professional application with extra high-performance and razor-sharp rays. This ultra-powerful high-end laser projector is a blue single color device. The SwissLas PL- 60.000B laser projectors are solely equipped with blue (55'000mW / 450nm) diode laser modules.

This show laser light is equipped with the fast ScannerMax 506 scanner system with about 30kpps@8° ILDA and is ideal for indoor as well as for open air applications, festivals, sky beams etc. The SwissLas PL-60.000B can be used as single laser device, as center laser, or even as satellite projector.

At the back of the unit there is a trim pot for the color, so the color balance can be quickly adjusted.

This show laser projector is a quality product, made in Switzerland.

Additional Information

Guaranteed power at aperture: 55'000mW
Power Blue: 55'000mW / 450nm
Beam Specifications: ca. 6mm / 1.0mrad (average)
Laser Sources: Diode
Laser Class: 4
Operation Modes: ILDA; optional DMX, LAN, SD-card
Scanner: ScannerMax 506 scanner system, ca. 30kpps@8°ILDA; as upgrade available: CT-6215H, >35kpps@8° ILDA
Scan Angle max.: 60° max.
Accessories: Allen key, power cable, manual
Power Supply: internal 100-240V AC 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 720 W
Dimensions: 905/260/170 mm
Weight: 23 kg

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