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PANGOLIN SafetyScan Lens

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Single lens for safety audience scanning

PANGOLIN SafetyScan Lens

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SafetyScan lenses provide an incredibly easy and affordable way to increase the safety of your laser light shows.

SafetyScan lenses are a uniquely designed series of “half lenses” which are coated with a special anti-reflective coating on both the front and rear surfaces. These lenses increase the divergence of the laser beam when scanning downward into the audience, but not when projecting overhead. This allows you to create a stunning laser light show, and keep the beams which project on the audience at a fun and safe level while not affecting the overhead beams at all. The end result is a visually-impactful and powerful show, which is much safer and more enjoyable for those in the audience to view.

There are currently six different SafetyScan lenses available for purchase, ranging from -1 diopter to -6 diopter optical powers. Which lens to choose depends on the power of your laser and the minimum distance to the audience. Please add these informations to your order so that we can help you with finding the right lens for your lasershow.

SafetyScan lenses are mounted directly to the front of the aperture of your laser projector with e.g. the RTI SafetyScan Lens Mount especially for RTI PIKO and NANO Series.

You can purchase these lenses individually for specific applications, or you can purchase the complete lens set, which includes all six lenses inside a custom made carrying case.

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