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LC-863-Flashback DMX Extension

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Quick Overview

HB-Laser Lightcube LC-863 Flashback DMX Extension

LC-863-Flashback DMX Extension


FB-3 extension for HB-Laser Lightcube LC-863 show laser systems.


FB-3 is a DMX controllable card, which can play laser graphics, beams and even complete shows. No extra computer hardware is needed. The complete data (graphics, shows etc.) can be uploaded to the FB-3 where the data gets stored on a 256 MB memory card. The animations, frames etc. can be controlled via DMX or W-DMX (12 to 16 DMX channels) and provide e.g.:

  • Page change
  • Cue switch
  • Speed change
  • Fade from black to full brightness
  • Zoom
  • X / Y size


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