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Laserworld PL-30.000RGB

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Quick Overview

Powerful RGB laser system of the Laserworld Purelight series with a guaranteed output power of 30'000 mW after aperture

Laserworld PL-30.000RGB


The Laserworld PL-30.000RGB Showlaser is completely equipped with diodes and has a good white balance with linear color gradient and high visibility.
The system can be controlled via ILDA and is graphics capable.

Among the advantages of the Laserworld PL-30.000RGB show laser are:

  • a powerful yet cost-effective solution for demanding laser applications
  • ideal for big nightclubs, big stages, concerts and festivals
  • brilliant colours with beautiful colour gradient
  • ideal for beam shows over long distances and simple graphic projections

The Laserworld PL-30.000RGB has a beam diameter of about 6.5 mm and a beam divergence of only 1.3 mrad.
The guaranteed output power at aperture is 30'000 mW: 6'000 mW / 638 nm (red), 8'000 mW / 520 nm (green), 16'000 mW / 450 nm (blue).
The scanning speed is 35 [email protected]° ILDA and the maximum scanning angle is 50°.

The entire device is designed according to Sealed Housing Technology, which reduces maintenance to a minimum. Cooling takes place via the external heat sink.
The show laser comes with an internal PSU for easier handling.

On the back of the device there are potentiometers with which the individual colours or the colour balance can be easily adjusted. There, the projection can also be moved on the X- / Y-axis. In addition, the laser has a Scan Safety feature, which can also be set on the back of the device.

A Pangolin FB4 interface can be purchased optionally for the Laserworld PL-30.000RGB.

Additional Information

Guaranteed power at aperture: 30'000 mW
Power Red: 6'000 mW / 638 nm
Power Green: 8'000 mW / 520 nm
Power Blue: 16'000 mW / 450 nm
Beam Specifications: ca. 6.5 mm / 1.3 mrad
Laser Sources: Diode
Laser Class: 4
Operation Modes: ILDA
Scanner: 35 [email protected]°ILDA
Scan Angle max.: 50° max.
Accessories: key, power cable, manual
Power Supply: internes Netzteil
Power Consumption: 900 W
Dimensions: 460 x 336 x 220 mm (L x W x H)
Weight: 47 kg

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