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Phoenix PRO Set (incl. MicroNet Slim)

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This special bundle contains the Laserworld MicroNet Slim for Phoenix and the Phoenix PRO Software

Phoenix PRO Set (incl. MicroNet Slim)


Special Bundle "PRO NET Set"

This bundle contains the Phoenix Pro Soft and the Laserworld MicroNet Slim for Phoenix.

Laserworld MicroNet Slim for Phoenix Showcontroller

With the Laserworld MicroNet Slim for Phoenix it is not only possible to control standard laser light systems, but also high end projectors with more than three different colored laser sources (up to 6 color!) can be operated. The performing processor allows resolution of true 12 bit on both scan axis and scan speeds up to 150kpps.
Due to the great resolution color fading and slow movements can be displayed extra smooth and step-free.

TheLaserworld MicroNet Slim for Phoenix comes with an integrated SD Card and player, so standard ILDA frames can easily be played back. But of course the main control option is the Network control (standard Ethernet). Several Micro Net Slim boxes can be addressed from one control computer by simply using a standard network switch. For addressing the very MicroNet Slim interface, the respective IP address can easily be set with dip switches at the unit.

If network control is not possible or necessary, the integrated DMX interface can be alternatively used to trigger the patterns on the SD card. This allows for seamless integration into existing lighting setups. The DMX signal can also be sent from the Phoenix software to the network interface, so the DMX Out at the interface can be used to control additional lighting or stage effects through the software too. The other way round it is possible to remote control the Phoenix software through the DMX IN at the MicroNet interface.

These multiple control variations make the Laserworld MicroNet Slim for Phoenix a great solution for fixed installations and mobile use. The enclosure is very durable and it is possible to use two different power sources for the unit: Either USB power or an external 9V DC power adapter (included in delivery).
The Laserworld MicroNet Slim for Phoenix is a true high performance network card for high professional requirements.

MicroNet Slim Facts:

  • Full LAN compatibility, signal can be distributed through normal LAN switch
  • Flexible IP address setting: fixed address, DHCP, or AutoIP
  • 12 bit resolution on x and y axis scanning
  • 6 color control capable
  • SD-Card integrated
  • DMX IN, DMX Out
  • USB power or 9-24V DC power
  • Up to 16 devices can be used in parallel for multi projector laser shows


PHOENIX4 PRO / PROPLUS is the latest generation of professional laser show controller and software systems on the market. PHOENIX4 Pro provides to the professional user a professional laser control of one independent lasers, also the seamless integration of lighting effects to be addressed by DMX and / or MIDI. Additionally, video files can be embedded frame accurate in each resolution on the timeline and in sync in real time (!) be output on a beamer to the laser / light show.
Contrary to many other controllers PHOENIX4 PRO/PROPLUS calculates the output of all commands and signals in real time. Many functions such as runtext generator, live control via MIDI keyboard, joystick, touchscreen, etc. - to name just a few of PHOENIX4 functions - are already included.
Own logos and images can be drawn in the new 2D/3D PHOENIX4 CAD.
An optional Media Converter helps you quickly converting a wide range of supported image formats into a laser-optimized figure or animation.
The PHOENIX4 PRO / PROPLUS - Package includes a show player with the abilty to play pre-programmed arbitrarily shows for years in advance scheduled in a show calendar.
Included in the software package are already more than 170 breathtaking and to the music synchronous shows, which are immediately ready for presentation. Own shows can be created after a short training period as well of course. Therefore you are supported by the new clear animation library.
With the PHOENIX 3D real-time visualization you visualize complete exhibition stands, stages, clubs, etc. - including lasers, video screens, Plasma screens, water screens and so on. Thus, the shows can be viewed synchronized to music from all perspectives.

The difference between PRO and PHOENIX4 PROPLUS consist of the number of individually controllable laser projectors. With PHOENIX4 PRO one laser-interface can be controlled individually, with PHOENIX4 PROPLUS up to 32 interfaces (DMX 512 in / out universes in appropriate number).

The Phoenix4 PRO-Set contains:

  • 1x Phoenix4 PRO-USB-Dongle with Phoenix lanyard keychain
  • 1x MICRO-NET-Interface
  • 1x Quick Start Guide
  • 1x Program/Software-CD

PHOENIX4 Pro / PROPLUS provides you with everything you need for your perfect multimedia laser show.

  • More than 3.500 professionally designed laser figures / animations in more than 50,000 frames are stored in a comprehensive library for laser show programming
  • More than 170 music syncronous pre-programmed laser shows
  • Hierarchical laser show programming through simple drag 'n drop
  • Global and individually optimizable laser figures
  • Effects to various manipulate objects and the world
  • Clearly, personally adjustable effect groups for quick use
  • Live laser show programming by midi keyboard
  • Powerful DMX programming environment, with live control and library
  • Dynamic animatable runtext text with laser-optimized fonts
  • Accurate projection zone adjustment to complex projection environments
  • Raster scanning of pixel images
  • Time and calendar data programmable show player-system for years in advance
  • Multilingual user interface of the surface
  • Configurable user interface, with various programmer views
  • AutoSave and AutoRecovery options to protect your shows while programming
  • Extensive programming tracks for animations and effects
  • Adjustable screen brightness for Relaxed work and show presentations
  • Synchronization to music (MP3, WAV), CD, SMPTE, TIME LIVE
  • Amazing effects (color effects, morphing, multi-lingual D Lissajou, video, DMX, animation and world manipulation and more.)
  • Phoenix 3D visualization of the laser show in a freely accessible and customizable virtual world
  • View different timelines for multi-projector synchronization


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