02. Connecting the ShowNET interface - Showeditor Laser Show Software Tutorial Video

This tutorial explains the different options for connecting the ShowNET network interface and the appropriate Settings for a proper connection toLaserworld Showeditor laser show control software. These steps are explained: - wiring of a single ShowNET interface to Computer and laser projector - wiring of multiple ShowNET interfaces to computer and laser projector - setting of DIP switches and configation of AutoIP mode - setting of DIP switches and configation of DHPC mode - setting of DIP switches and configation of StaticIP mode, includuing a detailed step-by-step description on how the settings in Windows Control Panel must be made The written tutorial is here: https://www.showeditor.com/en/tutorials-faq/tutorials/262-how-to-connect-the-shownet-interface-over-lan-troubleshooting-resolution-tips.html The Manual to the ShowNET interface can be found here: https://www.showeditor.com/en/downloads/download/10-hardware-shownet-interface-dac/10-laserworld-shownet-manual.html

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