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Program the laser mainboard output parameters with your DMX console - and safely store them inside the mainboard! - Setup-and-Store mode - simply create projection zones, safety zones and GEO correction and store the settings to the main board! This can be done by plain DMX (!!!) or the Admin Tool - GEO correction feature added - especially helpful for angled projections (e.g. architecture, general stand alone operation, etc.) CHECK IT OUT ON WWW.LASER-INTERFACE.COM don't forget to get the latest manual, too - it contains the updated DMX chart (features were only added, so no changes to existing programming!) All professional laser systems of Laserworld, tarm and RTI come standard with the ShowNET as laser mainboard! Oh, by the way: If you already own a ShowNET device - no matter if external or internal - you can simply download the new firmware file, flash the ShowNET with using the Admin tool, and you get all the new features, too! These features require the firmware version 202002302 or higher - get the latest version at #shownet #laserworld #laserworldgroup #laser #lasershow #lasersoftware #laserinterface #lasermainboard

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