DMX / ArtNET control lasers in a professional way - with ShowNET laser mainboard

Laser control used to be complicated and required special laser control software. This has changed significantly: Even though there are still applications that require professional laser show control, there are new ways of using larger quantities of laser systems - with DMX or ArtNET control. DMX controlling lasers used to be limited and only provided basic features. The ShowNET laser mainboard makes laser systems intelligent lighting devices and provides a multitude of features that exceed the possibilities of conventional moving lights by far. The ShowNET mainboard has two different DMX control modes - a basic "DJ mode" and the "professional mode". This professional mode has 34 DMX channels and provides laser specific features like safety zone setting, offset and color balancing, but also all those features that are well known from lighting control: Pan/Tilt, rotation, speed etc. One of the great advantages is that custom "Gobos", which can even be animated and colorful, can be stored to the unit. A tool for creating such artfwork comes with the laser systems with ShowNET mainboard for free - in a full version. #dmx #laser #shownet #laserworld #tarm #rti #raytechnologies

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