Seminar at BPM Show 2019 - Lasers and their efficient use (hosted by SEDA) | Laserworld

This seminar was held at BPM Show 2019 in the seminar rooms of SEDA It deals with lasers in general, how they can be used by DJs, entertainers or nightcubs, and whatthe advantages and distadvantages of different contol options for lasers could be. Some features of the ShowNET have been explained as well. Besides that, also laser safety was a topic. This seminar just gave a short summary of the most important aspects, however, much more time would have been necessary to deal with this topic in detail. Laser safety trainings to gain more in-depth knowledge are provided by the Laserworld Academy. Dates for Laser Safety Officer trainings in English language are available on: More dates to be added by time. Due to the timeframe, information given in this vieo regarding laser safety are neither complete nor is it applicable in every country. It also may be subject to change. #laserworld #bpm2019 #visitbpm #theshowfordjs #seda

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