Conditions for the agreement of a warranty extension for laser systems

Conditions for the agreement of a warranty extension for laser systems to 24 or 36 months

By booking a paid warranty extension, the normal 12-month legally regulated warranty (for consumers 24 months) for laser systems can be extended to 24 or 36 months (for consumers to 36 months). The basis for this warranty extension are the listed warranty conditions.

1. Scope of the warranty extension

The warranty extension to normal use in the sense of the product-specific, intended use of the laser systems.

2. Regular maintenance

A prerequisite for the validity of the warranty extension is that the laser systems are regularly maintained by qualified personnel.

3. Place of warranty

The place of warranty within the scope of the extended warranty agreement is the German Laserworld service center, currently in 83626 Valley, Germany. If the purchaser wishes work to be carried out at the place of use of the equipment, the costs associated with the travelling of a technician shall be borne by the purchaser irrespective of the outcome of the warranty claim. If desired, an additional service contract can be concluded.

4. Scope of warranty/liability

Laserworld (Switzerland) AG warrants that the delivered goods are free of construction or material defects. Should damage to the product occur during the extended warranty period, which is due to manufacturing or material defects, the extended warranty shall only cover the repair or free replacement of the defective parts. Replaced parts shall become the property of Laserworld (Switzerland) AG.

5. Claims arising from the extended warranty

The purchaser is entitled to the repair of the defective device. If necessary, a claim for replacement arises, provided that a repair is uneconomical and the defect does not contradict chapter 6. There is no entitlement to cancellation of the order, its reversal or an additional discount.  There is no basic claim to a replacement device, a loan device for the duration of the repair or any other replacement. Corresponding services can be agreed in a separate service contract.

6. Exclusions from the extended warranty

Excluded from the extended warranty are all damages which cannot be proven to have arisen as a result of poor materials, faulty construction or generally in accordance with the legally regulated warranty scopes. These are e.g. unsuitable or incorrect use, natural wear and tear (e.g. age-related wear and tear of the laser sources), inadequate maintenance or repair, disregard of installation and operating instructions, chemical or electrolytic influences, use of force, transport damage, as well as due to other reasons for which Laserworld (Switzerland) AG is not responsible.

The extended warranty does not include:

- Wear parts such as batteries supplied.
- Color convergence misalignment.
- Defects which only slightly influence the function or the value of the product.

In particular, wear parts and consumables are excluded from the extended warranty.

The warranty shall become invalid if the product has been tampered with by persons not authorised by Laserworld (Switzerland) AG or if non-original spare parts have been used and the customer cannot prove that the defects are not attributable to such tampering or use. All service and repair work not covered by the extended warranty will be invoiced.

In addition, the General Terms and Conditions of Laserworld (Switzerland) AG shall apply.

Date 12/2021

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