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How do I calibrate the colors of my show laser?

With the color correction option it is possible to balance the power and behaviour of the individual colored laser sources.
However the Laserworld Showeditor only supports show laser lights with a maximum of three different color channels. Furthermore your show laser system has to support analog modulation (the colors can be dimmed).


For a proper calibration of each color, load the folder "HE_s_Testbilder" and select the figure  "GrauVerlauf_Testbild_SollteImmerWeisSein.heb". Display this picture to a wall /screen with your show laser. You should see several lines with a gradient from white to black.
Go to Options -> Color Correction
Change the settings, that the lines are completely fading out and until you see a smooth ending of the lines.

    Adjustment of the Minimum Threshold Levels
  • Set the Minimum Threshold for every color channel by setting the scrollbar of one color to 100% and setting the scrollbars of the other color channels to 0%. E.g.: green max and blue max to 0% and red max zo 100%.
    Now increase the value for red min until the fading end of the lines aren't visible anymore.
    Continue with the other two colors.


    Color Balance
  • Set the max scrollbars of each color to the max value. Then reduce the values of the colors that seem too bright.
  • Look at the brightest white line when doing these adjustments.
  • You can change the modulation behaviour by changing the scrollbars between the min and max settings.


Not every show laser has the same possibilities in adapting the colors. The mor eprofessional your laser system, the better the color calibration.

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