Learning Pangolin BEYOND universe - chapter 2: Create a custom BEYOND universe

Pangolin BEYOND allows to create user specific work spaces, called "universes". These universes can be pretty much customized and thus provide all the features that the very user needs. Configuring an own universe is quite simple:

This is what the video is about:
And now it is finally time to open up the universe window. Now what we gonna do is go over here, and open up the universe window. We are gonna open up the universe, maximize maximize it here. And now we have a blank universe. First thing I usually do is to click on edit, and then view. It gives you a grid. The grid is really gonna help us for the positioning of items. And what I normally like to do is, right click on the layout properties, and use the maximum resolution of the grid. So now in this case it is 50 and 50. Next thing we're gonna do this we are gonna insert the background, from the actual show site. What is nice to do is, take a picture of the stage or the area where the lasers are set up, and we can take that and put it as the background in the universe. So I am gonna open an image as an example here,we go over to components, image. We drag the image over, and we click on the inspector. The inspector is our settings, reached at the components. And go down here to open, and open up feature, I take the picture from one of our show sites and use this as the background. So we can center this a little bit. Good. And now the next thing we're gonna do is, you can insert your own logo. We like to put our logo to the bottom of the screen. So any user see our logo. We just add another image, and go over here, open logo, have to logo, I just put it down on the bottom. Put that in there. Now, what we gonna do is, we start with our laser projectors. So if you remember from before, we created one called right one and left one. So we are selecting the component, laser projector, and drag it over, and placed it where it actually is at the event. So let's say we have the laser projector here. Lets drag it over there. And then we are gonna drag another one over on this site. Now we want to put these little icons as laser projector here. So I will include these icons into the files that you gonna get. We are gonna add, we go to the inspector, and in this laser projector here, we can open a little picture for it. So I am gonna give you these icons which we like to use. So we will open up this little icon here and center it, place it. Usually bottom center is good, and we reduce the size of this this little bit. Move it a little bit nearer. So this is one of our laser projectors. And then we do the same with this one. We open up the picture for it. Center it. Move it to the bottom. And then reduce the size little bit and place it here. Okay. Now we are gonna wanna set up or assign these indexes to this laser projectors that we have set up. So we go to the inspector. We see here that it is asking for projector by index. Now, how do we figure that out? It is quite easy. We can go, just minimize the universe. If we go to settings, laser and EmuLaser controller hardware. If we open that up and then look down in our list, we can see, oh here it is. This is left one and right one. The ones that we have created. And left one happens to be index 13, and right one happens to be 14. So we just remember that. Left one 13. Go back to the universe, here is our left projector, so let's take the index of 13. And then the right projector, set it as 14. And now our left one and our right one are set up. Accordingly, now we are gonna position the zones to match these laser projectors. So we gonna go to the components and we are gonna select the zone. So, we start with the left one. We start with the left one. We grab the projection zone that we have created, on left one, we drag it over we can place it up here. And then we do the same, grab another one, right one, projection zone, drag it over here. Just like that, let's do it like that. Alright, so now we press the play button. We can select our zones. Okay. So now that we have our two zones set up, what we can do is, we can click on either of them, to select them, or we can click on both, by holding down shift, and so I can get both zones. So what I'm gonna do is, I am just going to minimize this a little bit here. And I give you an example, so if you select this zone, you can send a cue to that zone if we select this one over here, we can send a cue to that zone. Or if we hold down shift and we select both, we can send the cue to both zones. As well, you might wanna readjust your enhanced reality preview window, after you have positioned your projectors here. So lets just select that one there. And then we will see our output as well on the preview window.

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