Learning Pangolin BEYOND 3D - chapter 8: Saving Pangolin BEYOND 3D files

To finalize the 3D model we created, it is necessary to put everything together. This means: Creating 3D objects and a spline path for the camera to follow. Creating an animation and saving it. Then controlling the rate of playback in the main Pangolin BEYOND interface. Have a look at this tutorial:

This is what the video is about:
One last thing: Everything that we've been doing here - we've been creating the 3d object, we've been sending them to be on. They are now a part the BR workspace. As long as we save that work space, all of these rendered trains will be there for us, but not the 3d objects that are separate. And if you want to save these, you have to save them separately. Come over here to file say as in call this lima bean K say in which case weekend close this particular file remember all the objects that we created are still accessible still right there we can't work with all of them at the same time we could save each one of these separately if we want to called this 3d seen K and when you're finally done with the beyond 3d program you can click the X button it will remind you that you had these other projects open that you haven't clothes and then my case I'm just gonna say no it will remind you for every file you have open this concludes the tutorial the basic portion beyond 3d you like that if you have any questions I hope that you'll share your questions with us because we always like to hear from users we always like to hear what you're doing what you're struggling with it helps us to guide the development at the program and we thank you very much

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