Learning Pangolin BEYOND 3D - chapter 7: Creating the final animated object, put everything together

To finalize the 3D model we created, it is necessary to put everything together. This means: Creating 3D objects and a spline path for the camera to follow. Creating an animation and saving it. Then controlling the rate of playback in the main Pangolin BEYOND interface. Have a look at this tutorial:

This is what the video is about:
You might start seeing the light on this and so much that. Well, if we can create curves and if we can make stuff follow curves, what about the camera? And that's what I've minute demonstrate next will create the scene very quickly at the scene that I create a lot. Just for test purposes and for demonstration purposes click on a cube. Drag this up into the upper left hand corner. Color this red spear kinda tying it all together at this bar the demo green cone ran a little bit swing access that helper make this blue get this some laser attributes come over here into laser say we want to see all the object edges and the sphere but not quite so much Flickr K cone we like contour lines on the cone not quite so many cut down on Flickr so here's our little seen I little 3d scene three objects in the top view what I'm gonna do is zoom out member you click and drag this as you mouse I can create a have a big path around here come over here to curves click empty care which is really occurred that allows me to put points into it and then just are clicking down to create this path like that now something about the curve that I'll show you it's created the curve right here on the flat plain basically is 0 elevation if I click on the move cool now this is actually a really special mold because if I start moving things what it actually gonna move with the points on the curve doesn't move the whole curve itself that's where some these buttons appear come in handy the stop button here says its Object Mode in this mode when I'm in the move button remove the whole curve upward and downward but if you have a curve selected and you're over and in this next move called points mode now what you could do you can click on individual points on the curve and move those individual points what I find handy the button over here called slack you click on select kinda moves everything out your way temporary clearly see the points see them much more clearly than you could if you're in no so a lot of times what all do is bounce back and forth between select mode and move move to create the shape but this kar so just as we did we're creating in moving objects around on this curve what we'll do this time we want to move the camera around you must select but camera quick modifier strain curve align click on the curve align modifier and in this case what skills very simple scene only curve in the whole scene will show up here will click on that and now we move around one of the things you'll see for sure there's a little camera icon as I move around the camera for sure is definitely moving around on darker the problem is cameras always looking in the same direction the time not looking at a particularly useful direction so what we could do is what we did with the object we can say we want the cameras Korean patient to be adjusted and now by clicking this box watch what happens not quite what we wanted the camera is kinda riding sideways on the curve doing something tiny useful but maybe not quite what we wanted that's where somebody's other options come in we want to worry aunt the camera along the z-axis have the curve the camera is going to be looking here and we need to be doing actually one more thing which is if you notice here the scene is actually sideways so we can correct the role angle with this here as you see is twisting the camera around so that as we're moving along this curve were actually able to see something now the problem is that as only one area at the curve that we created that shows a something that's interesting and even at what we have to do is actually elevate the Holkar perhaps going to Object Mode Philippa Hawker move the curve upward and we start to see something kinda interesting but not quite what we were after will he go through here in coming here in two points mode on the curve Star Dragon points around you could possibly create a kind over roller-coaster type curve that that would show these objects that takes a lot of patience so what might be even more useful for a camera is to have it look at the target so it turn off the suggest orientation and then add one more modifier to the camera add something called object direction which is also called target he see that little have target icon she click on this modifier now now you can tell the camera what to look at let's say we always want the camera to look at the école said now as the camera moves around on the curve the cameras always going to be looking at the car loan which is pretty cool least we seeing something consistent now in the view and now we move our curve upward and we go back into object mood click on the curve on the move tool a move that curve upward we can now back here to the her line it's a position on the curve now we can kinda be like Superman line over that seen so one scam we're gonna do here at time one we will at a keyframe their at time a hundred we will go to the end of the curve at keyframe is what we're gonna do we will press play just the thing with that looks like and now you can see that we got this curve were kinda flying around there we could make the car more interesting if we wanted to up and down and so forth but at least we're kinda illustrating a concept here were animating the position on the curve overtime with keyframes we created our own kar we can edit the Kerr we have the camera aligned to the curve which makes the camera's position aligned to the curve and we have the camera always looking at always targeting some particular object now there are other things I want to get what we'll do is we'll say render it and one of the things that make notices for brief instant the curve itself actually visible on the laser which we don't necessarily want click on the curve say not visible in the render render that say send it to beyond and there's seen that we created now how you control the speed at the scene is in the queue properties right click on the Q shoes cue properties playback is what you want the Playback tab and what we have is a time-based animation that displays in this case over three seconds and we can say we want that display over six seconds now it's moving slower we can say we want that the play over 10 seconds now it's even slower or we can say we want that this plane over to second in which case it would be pretty fast that really how you control the speed at the playback.

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