Learning Pangolin BEYOND 3D - chapter 4: Animating properties and objects

Pangolin BEYOND 3D not only allows for creating static 3D models and objects, but also offers the feature to animate properties and objects. Three-dimensional animations are used in most professional graphics laser shows. This tutorial video shows you how to do it.

This is what the video is about:
So let's have a little bit of fun with this. What we'll do will give me a chance to show you how to animate things in Beyond 3d. So I did was click on Hedera. I chose doe Dec to create ago decade he drew. If I click on the rotate - cool. Here now you can see the rotation ability that we have To Beyond 3d. Let's take this a little bit of a step further will click on transform and as you see if I click and drag this upward I can rotate about the y-axis right click on that so now one other things that you'll notice is if for some might look like a little man a mistake but these little old news next all these words series will goes here what the whole means is the that property you can animate overtime and how you animate a property overtime and here's the time slider issue first set the times lighter to the initial time that you want this case will say frame number one and I'm gonna right click on this and say at a keyframe because it frame number one I want this to be 0 and now let's say at frame number one hundred what I want to have happen is this ego to 360 degrees I will once again right click and say at a keyframe so one other things you'll see here is you see this nice little blue dot here and also at frame two hundred another blue dot that means that there's a keyframe there that something is keyed animated rather and what we have animated is the rotation angle as I move click and drag on this times lighter what you'll see is that the dodecahedron is now rotating and now we've created in animation and so to send this to be on 3d our click here to to render that in laser click here to send it to be on 3d outturn of the laser output from within this program we'll have double laser output minimize this and now here's the animation that we created in beyond 3d now what makes this so cool is this we can add additional affects to this in this case let's add and oscillating rotation about Z and we can see now is it the rotation that were imparting on this is really a whole lot more interesting even that will be created in beyond 3d less changes little bit will say we wanted to start at 0 degrees and and 360 degrees and that's pretty fast so let's say we want that to happen over the set maybe four seconds that's a bit less frenetic that looks pretty cool really so once again to just how to go over that we do right click say create a new 3d animation season with a file new click on he drew a within the heater itself I say though decade he drew click on transform these what we want to do is change the angle and then right click on this to at a keyframe come over here to the and time change that angle that we want three years sixty degrees right click at a keyframe and so there's our little animation and we render it out the laser and send it to be on 3d so now while we're animating things let's take some animation to the next level come over here to basic and you'll notice that there's a little circle on color as well so I can click on collar let's say we want to start of red all right click and say at a keyframe move to the and time here 100 frames change the color to lets a blue right click at a keyframe so now we're animating not only the rotation angle also the caller is well render that out frames send it to be on minimize and there's are double animating scene.

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