Learning Pangolin BEYOND 3D - chapter 3: Creating simple solid objects

When you familiarized yourself with the 3-dimensional looks and viewing perspectives of BEYOND 3D, it's time to create the first solid objects. Solid objects can be placed anywhere in the 3D room, but their position is essential for the way they are projected later on.

This is what the video is about:
So now that we've covered a little bit more the basics that is how to control the interpretation, the 3d interpretation on the laser. Let's have a little bit more fun with it. Come over here ... new just to create a new scene. All said, laser output is that what Mike new seem to be up with the laser and will cover some of these objects in and how they can be used and how the they're handy oftentimes when I create a little 3d scene well do they'll put a floor down like this plane this is just a simple flat plain you can use as a floor but by default it's pretty uninteresting because it's just like a square so what will wanna do is add some with segments so that you start the season this you here and some height segment in now we can do is on the laser we can say that we wanna see all the object edges now it's like we've got a grid click over here on to this resize tool and make that create bigger as and now we've got a nice floor are just make that grid green and as we add some object to that now make this a bit smaller were here luv it red you had a2 to it move around a little bit so I can get there slow but smaller and maybe make this blue will move this up a little bit more see could see that again it's just it's just stick to really get into that 3d tour can really get into creating a real 3d scene as a floor and some objects on it and so forth once again the send this to the main beyond program weekly here to turn its laser frames missus is only has one frame if we wanted to we can come over here and say said the end frame a hundred witnesses say one and then send it to the queue when we win we minimize this there's our little 3d scene that we just created just once again right click say create new 3d animation be on 3d comes right back up less a file new enable laser output go through some of these other objects for you obviously a pyramid is our little undue to which I'll make you so during this demonstration cylinder to and how you control these things is if we come over here in 22 were the things you'll see is this controls the top radius this controls the inner portion of the whole this controls the bottom it says so weekend not only create a simple too but but we can create kind of a nozzle looking thing we flip this around you can see that we can create kind either a nozzle like we're creating a rocket from a spacecraft this might be in the object to use for that pretty easy way of doing that am as you can see we have many levels around you capsule it just sorta like a rounded steer could be handy for some things oil tank it's sort of like up again kinda around its peers has has round the top and bottom to it how we not use very much a laser regular roles here this is use really quite a bit and you can control the parameters of the spear here how many edges it has and on the laser you do pretty cool stuff we say object edges you make make this have only a few edges like this and make it look not really all that speer kal but pretty interesting instead in here in the list if you right click you also have a menu and when I'm gonna make you serve in this case is simply lead chorus this kinda like a doughnut object and you can control exactly how many segments the Taurus has here how big it is here and so forth so this is kinda how you can create donor can create a flat disc with this discrete control the size is this on the laser we could say we wanna see all the object edges and they could create kinda neat shape to it this ring wave will cover in advance topic this he drew is actually a really fun tool a click on this one and you show it to you the heater is a 3d polygonal object a and this controls the typeof he drew a that you get we have several that's built in tetrahedra what that means is it's a 3d object that has four sides to it as I move around on this you'll see that this has only four sides and octahedra has eight sides doe decade he drove what that means is 12 kodak is 12 so this has 12 sides 12 pentagons and a couple of stars that are built right into this.

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