3D modelling software allows for object modelling from different perspective. This tutorial video for Pangolin BEYOND's 3D feature explains the different perspectives and looks on the laser.

This is what the video is about:
Once again I'm gonna go to empty queue, right click, say "create a new 3d animation" which will bring beyond 3d right back up right where we started from and if we want to, we can continue to work on the scene where in my case I'm gonna show you guys little more. Come over here to say file "new", which just creates a brand new workspace forecast and these other projects they're still there. We can access them at any time. I'm just gonna go to this new workspace, click on laser output so that wherever I do you be seen on a laser output. So I show you a little bit more about the laser interpretation other 3d model and and I'll do that with this teapot you just click on this it plop that 3d teapot right into the scene from which I can click on laser initially show you what all these things you really mean and the teapot it's got enough things going on about it that I can really show you what the different things do so if you uncheck everything you don't get any laser light at all if we checked silhouette what happens is we only get kinda the outline well the object we don't really get any the details of the object that could be pretty handy for creating an object that you just wanna see the outline have it doesn't really take very many points on the laser and so that's a good one to reduce points but still get kinda the essence of the object this next one silhouette plus folds anything that requires lines that that represent what kinda starting to go behind the object that's what folds are you see the it'll start to pick up the top up this handle here because this requires you to draw a line because there's a part of the handle that's behind what intersections with itself are whether things will notice about this teapot a move this up a little bit make it a little bit more visible is that it's got the spell which intersects the main body part but up there on laser we really can't see that price a self intersections now all the sudden we see the line kinda the weld line up where the spout was welded onto the main part of the body love the teapot in most cases you don't use self intersecting lines because in most cases with laser the whole point is to create just the essence to give people the essence of what the object is and not all the little details the details will pick up a lot of points on the laser potentially and therefore usually want to minimize that intersections slash others with that means is if we put another object into the scene like like this cue Pierre and I'll make cue red this week in Seattle easier by tell the teapot that I want intersections with others you'll see the intersection now as the teapot intersects the cube you see a line that's created their if I turn of is intersection lines you'll see that teapot just kinda disappears into the queue that's what intersections is material change will cover that and advanced topic object edges we've already discussed that that's where all the lines that you see here in the user interface get sent out to the laser in the teapot you really can't control exactly how simple or complex this is but we certainly can control that in this sphere what all do is momentarily turn the sea parte of at a spear to the scene and what you could see is when I turn object edges on the spear that's what we get and we can control the complexity of that most subjects you can control the complexity a teapots kinda special case turn this back on so i cant illustrate the other laser related properties all polygon lines is is where see the actual mathematical representation every object is made up of triangles so when you say all polygon lines you actually see every single triangle that makes up the teapot all poly guidelines issues very very rarely creases the cone would probably be a better one to illustrate creases see here in the comb what we have is the silhouette of the comb which gives us the outline increases the cone has a crease it it too hard edge around it right there so that's what creases will give you IQ illustrate that with the cube is well come up here to the cube turn creases of in your seat now we only have the outline at the Q sometimes that's handy if you're trying to conserve points not use too many points you can get away with that just have the outline but in many cases you do have to have the creases as well just to give that feeling that its solid contour lines we've already seen that that means it will draw some number of lines to create a 3d appearance contours works on any object we can turn contours on on the cuba is well and in contours we get the control the axis about which the contours are created here we're creating contours about the y-axis remember why is up and down we can also create contour lines sideways like that or sideways like this so it's just another way 0 making the object appear to be solid very effective way these other options here will cover in the advanced topic now with respect to laser there's another thing it's very important that we will cover and that has to do with this point spacing so what all do is go ahead at contour lines to this cone maybe object edges and on the cone at some might say so that the whole point is to get this to Flickr a little bit what we can do over here is say that we want a custom point spacing and we could say is that by default you could see how strong that point is top we could say well you know we really don't want that stronger corner points you can turn down the corner points here make it a little bit less bright on the corner up there completely eliminate corner points here and we can make the point then City a lot higher which makes it Flickr less because it's putting fewer points in the straight lines so this is a way that you can control kinda the trade-off between exactly how around things are and how much Flickr something and have by controlling the point spacing this gives you the ability to do that.

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