Review PLS 2013

Laserworld had a successful Prolight+Sound show at Frankfurt. Click here to get more information an find pictures and videos here.

For many years now the Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt has been one of the most important exhibitions not only for the show laser branch, but also for Laserworld as a worldwide important show laser manufacturer and distributor in the event technology industry.

In the past years, we were able to inspire numerous visitors and potential customers, to show them the latest product innovations and technologies. Like in 2012, we designed an amazing multimedia laser show to give the audience an special overview of our products and services.
Last year we created an extraordinary laser show with about 80 laser systems of the SwissLas and RTI series. This year the main focus was set on the RTI PIKO and NANO series to achieve a 3-dimensional effect with 9 high-end laser projectors, screens and a variety of mirror effects. A mix of video projections, water effects, laser graphics and colorful laser beams showed a great combination of Laserworld’s product portfolio. The visitors were thrilled.

But not only the products set the highlights at this year's Prolight + Sound. Laserworld´s partner Pangolin and Phoenix, which have been competitors in the market for years, announced the acquisition of Phoenix by Pangolin with immediate effect on the exhibition.

Pangolin software training

Another highlight, Laserworld offered to the visitors, was a software training, which was carried out in cooperation with Pangolin next to the booth of Laserworld. William Benner, CEO of Pangolin and Justin Perry did not miss to carry out the training by themselves. A live translation from English into German was contributed by Laserworld, so the numerous German-speaking participants were able to follow the training too. After the training the participants had the opportunity to try the different software versions on test terminals and to ask questions. The entire event was a public one  and free to all visitors.

 ( This video is only in German available)


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