What is the SZED?

The SZED specifies the distance from a laser source after that flashblindness can occur when the laser beam hits a human eye. This is specifically important if it comes to aircraft safety: Even though the laser may not be strong enough to be hazardous after a certain distance (NOHD distance), it can still cause flashblindness to pilots or aircraft personnell. The SZED is calculated per wavelength, as human eye perceives the brightness of wavelengths differently.

How to use the SZED online calculator:

It is mandatory to enter the divergence of the laser, as it significantly influences on the flashblindness distance. Please also specify at least the power values of one color source. For RGB lasers, please enter the power values for all three color sources. The tool uses correction factors per color to calculate the SZED. These wavelengths are assumed per color: red: 633nm; green: 532nm; blue: 445nm. Even though the laser you have on hand may have slightly different wavelengths (maybe 520nm for green or 450nm for blue or 650nm for red), the results from the calculation should be very similar.

Please fill in the required values, otherwise the SZED cannot be calculated properly

Laser specifications:
Divergence [mrad]: *
Red source [mW]:
Green source [mW]:
Blue source [mW]:

Decimal separator is: . (Point), not Comma

The SZED flashblindness distance is:
0 m


Above SZED online calculator bases on values that are commonly used for the calculation of the SZED. Some numbers are truncated. Laserworld (Switzerland) AG is not liable for the accuracy of this SZED Flashblindness calc tool. Use it at your own risk.


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