For commercial transactions between companies in different countries of the European Union the VAT (Value Added Tax) is not charged. To proof the existance of a company and to ensure the legalty of transactions, the VAT ID has been established.
The VAT ID is a number beginning with the country code of the very country (e.g. DE, NL, AT) followed by a number (some countries also have additional characters in it).

The VAT ID of Laserworld is DE258030001
Do not enter the tax ID of your local country!

This tool makes a basic check of the VAT ID by checking the central database of the European Union. Laserworld is not responsible for any results nor does Laserworld have any influence on the VAT processing. The use of this tool is at own risk. There is no guarantee for the validity of the results.


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The European Union provides an official VAT checking tool here:

Please use this one in case further information is needed.


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