Why does it seem that the export of figures as ILDA (*.ild) file does not work?

The export feature of Laserworld Showeditor is linked to the permission settings for each show / figure. For further details please have a look at the Laserworld Showeditor Manual.


Be aware: if you create a new figure within an active laser show that is protected against ILDA export, the figure becomes protected, too.
Therefore you must create a new folder and create new figures you want to export in this new folder. NEVER copy any protected figures to this folder! The protection will spread to every other file in this folder.

Another problem with exporting ILDA files occurs when the ILDA figures and ILDA frames are protected against copying by the original show programmer. When downloading an existing show you must consider to get permission by the copyright holder to copy their frames and figures.

When exporting ILDA files you can choose between six options for ILDA standard format. Leave it on standard '5' as long as there are no problems.


Important for the export of ILDA files to use them with the ShownNET interface!
To use ILDA files with teh ShowNET they MUST be named in the following way:

  • 000.ild
  • 001.ild
  • 002.ild
  • and so on

Otherwise they can't be recognized by the ShowNET.

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