Laserworld Show Laser Product History 2008

See our products we had in 2008 - isn't it weird how time rushes by?
Most of those products are not available any more, but some of them got several updated versions over the year and the new releases are still available. The development of technology made huge leaps during the past years, so the technology used in our products in 2008 was completely different to what it is nowadays.
In 2008 Laserworld already started to do engineering, production supervision and quality control on their lasers in Europe to ensure quality.


Ecoline EL-40G EL-60G 2008Ecoline EL-40G DMX, EL-60G DMX, EL-80G DMX, EL-100G DMX, EL-150R DMX 2008Ecoline EL-200RGY 2008Ecoline EL-350RGY 2008
Laserworld EL-40G
Laserworld EL-60G
Laserworld EL-40G DMX
Laserworld EL-60G DMX
Laserworld EL-80G DMX
Laserworld EL-100G DMX

Laserworld EL-150R DMX
Laserworld EL-200RGYLaserworld EL-350RGY
Ecoline EL-200S 2008Ecoline EL-D30G, EL-D60G, EL-D90G 2008Ecoline EL-400RG 2008 
Laserworld EL-200SLaserworld EL-D30G
Laserworld EL-D60G
Laserworld EL-D90G
Laserworld EL-400RG 


Club Series CS-100G, CS-200RGY 2008Club Series CS-200G, CS-400G 2008Club Series CS-400RGY 2008Club Series Moving Head CS-300G MH 2008
Laserworld CS-100G
Laserworld CS-200RGY
Laserworld CS-200G
Laserworld CS-400G
Laserworld CS-400RGYLaserworld CS-300G MH
Club Series CS-400RGB 2008   
Laserworld CS-400RGB (V1)   


Revolution Series 2008   
Laserworld RS-150G
Laserworld RS-200G
Laserworld RS-300G
Laserworld RS-400G
Laserworld RS-600G
Laserworld RS-800G

Laserworld RS-400RGY
Laserworld RS-800RGY

Laserworld RS-400RGB
Laserworld RS-500RGB


Proline Series 2008Proline Series 2008Proline Series 2008Proline Series 2008
Laserworld PRO-150B 473
Laserworld PRO-300B 473
Laserworld PRO-500B 445
Laserworld PRO-600B 445
Laserworld PRO-1000B 445
Laserworld PRO-1200B 445

Laserworld PRO-300R 635
Laserworld PRO-300R 650
Laserworld PRO-400R 640
Laserworld PRO-600R 635
Laserworld PRO-600R 650
Laserworld PRO-700R 635
Laserworld PRO-700R 650
Laserworld PRO-1000R 635
Laserworld PRO-1000R 640
Laserworld PRO-1300R 635
Laserworld PRO-1300R 650
Laserworld PRO-2000R 650
Laserworld PRO-150G
Laserworld PRO-200G
Laserworld PRO-300G
Laserworld PRO-400G
Laserworld PRO-600G
Laserworld PRO-800G
Laserworld PRO-1000G
Laserworld PRO-1500G
Laserworld PRO-2000G

Laserworld PRO-600B 457
Laserworld PRO-600B 473
Laserworld PRO-1200B 445
Laserworld PRO-1500B 457
Laserworld PRO-2000B 457
Laserworld PRO-2500B 445
Laserworld PRO-5000B 445

Laserworld PRO-2000R 658

Laserworld PRO-400RGY
Laserworld PRO-500RGY
Laserworld PRO-2500RGY
Laserworld PRO-3000RGY
Laserworld PRO-5000RGY

Laserworld PRO-400RGB
Laserworld PRO-500RGB
Laserworld PRO-600RGB
Laserworld PRO-750RGB
Laserworld PRO-1000RGB
Laserworld PRO-1250RGB
Laserworld PRO-1500RGB
Laserworld PRO-1800RGB
Laserworld PRO-2500RGB

Laserworld PRO-3000G
Laserworld PRO-4000G
Laserworld PRO-5000G
Laserworld PRO-6000G
Laserworld PRO-7000G

Laserworld PRO-6000R 635

Laserworld PRO-3000RGB
Laserworld PRO-3500RGB
Laserworld PRO-4000RGB
Laserworld PRO-5000RGB
Laserworld PRO-8000G
Laserworld PRO-10.000G
Laserworld PRO-12.000G
Laserworld PRO-15.000G
Laserworld PRO-20.000G
Laserworld PRO-25.000G

Laserworld PRO-2000B 457
Laserworld PRO-3000B 457
Laserworld PRO-4500B 457
Laserworld PRO-6000B 457
Laserworld PRO-10.000B 457

Laserworld PRO-7000RGB
Laserworld PRO-8000RGB
Laserworld PRO-3000RGB
Laserworld PRO-10.000RGB
Laserworld PRO-12.000RGB
Laserworld PRO-15.000RGB
Laserworld PRO-20.000RGB
Laserworld PRO-25.000RGB
Laserworld PRO-40.000RGB
Proline Series Moving Head PRO-MH 2008Proline Series Moving Head HIGHPRO-MH 2008  
Laserworld PRO-150G MH
Laserworld PRO-200G MH
Laserworld PRO-300G MH
Laserworld PRO-400G MH
Laserworld PRO-600G MH

Laserworld PRO-400RGY MH

Laserworld PRO-400RGB MH
Laserworld PRO-500RGB MH

Laserworld PRO-750RGB MH
Laserworld PRO-1000RGB MH
Laserworld PRO-1500RGB MH
Laserworld PRO-1000G MH
Laserworld PRO-1200G MH
Laserworld PRO-1500G MH
Laserworld PRO-2000G MH

Laserworld PRO-2500RGY MH

Laserworld PRO-2500RGB MH


Purelight Series 2008Purelight Series 2008  
Laserworld PL-5000G
Laserworld PL-8000G
Laserworld PL-1200RGB
Laserworld PL-2000RGB
Laserworld PL-4000RGB
Laserworld PL-8000RGB
Laserworld PL-18.000RGB
Laserworld PL-36.000RGB

Distributed brands:

Distributed Brand LaserworldDistributed Brand tarmdistributed brand Ray Technologies
Distributed Brand Laserworld ShoweditorDistributed Brand ShowcontrollerDistributed Brand PangolinDistributed Brand coherent