Laser Billboard Advertising

laser-billboard-advertisingShow laser light projectors have one huge advantage over video projectors: They can reach over long distances and still remain very bright. Billboard advertising needs to be catchy, emotionalizing and attractive. It is common sense that usually illuminated billboard ads are more attractive than plain printed billboards. Newer solutions come as LED screen billboards with great brightness already.

Why using lasers for Billboard Advertising?

Lasers can project on nearly every surface and material, there is no special "screen" necessary. The show laser light systems Laserworld offers are available in different power levels - up to exteremely high powered solutions. Thus it is possible to project logos, texts and abstracts over very long distances. The brightness of the laser beams let the advert "shine" and gives an additional emotional effect.
Laser Billboards are not very common yet, so the effect of the "new" way of advertisement will catch additional attraction.

Who needs Laser Billboard Advertising?

laser-billboard-advertising-outdoorLaser Billboard Advertising is a special way of putting extra attraction to a certain brand, product or event. As there is no dependance of certain projection surfaces, it is possible to use existing infrastructure. Most common are projections on walls of buildings or on mountains. But there are many other options possible.
Especially medium to big companies choose to go fro Laser Billboard Advertising to diversify their advertisement reach and to attract a large group of people with low effort. Fixed installations of show laser sytsems for billboard ads are possible as well as mobile applications. It is also possible to combine video projections and laser in near field projections: The video provides the filling  whereas the laser draws outlines and brings the extra exposure.

laser-billboard-advertising-outdoorWhat laser systems are needed for Laser Billboard Advertising?

Usually logos, graphics and text messages are displayed for advertisements. To create those in good quality Laserworld recommends using show laser light systems with professional scanners, such as CT-6210H or CT-6215HP. The second very important factor is the beam quality: We strongly recommend to only use professional, beam shaped laser projectors, such as the Purelight or the PIKO or NANO Series units. Those ensure a precise beam and great white if a multicolor system is used. Especially suitable for outdoor logo projections and fixed installations is the Laserworld PL-5500RGB Outdoor show laser system, as seen in the video above.


laser-billboard-advertising-outdoorIs Laser Billboard Advertising more expensive than other forms of ad display?

No, it shouldn't. Laserworld provides systems also for smaller budgets and the investment usually pays off very soon. For temporary as display there is always the possibility of renting the equipment. Laserworld also supplies staff and programming if necessary.
The smallest units that are capable of doing simple texts and graphics already start below 1.000,00 Euro, however we also offer professional solutions that are tailored to your needs. Please contact us for details: [email protected]


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