Garden Laser

Effect laser - not only for the garden

The Laserworld Garden Star Series consists of several effect laser lights in various color combinations with moving laser light points for indoor and outdoor applications. Effective lighting provides the proper atmosphere in gardens, on pounds and pools, on balconies, on walls, trees, buildings, inside of hoses and much more.
Hundreds of fine, well-visible laser beams are moving through the room, on all sorts of surfaces, illuminate trees, plants, buildings, etc. Due to a large beam angle, whole buildings are lit up in bright laser beams. The devices of the Garden Series can be used at parties, Halloween, Christmas, Carnival and many other events. Where people come together, the Garden Laser shines in bright light - not only in the garden.

Different colors and effects

The Laserworld Garden Lasers come with a robust, waterproof aluminium housing. Perfect for outdoor use and near to pounds and other water elements.
Garden Lasers are available in the colors green, red-green and red-green-blue, at the moment. There are both static laser effects and Garden Lasers with rotation and strobe effects which can be controlled via a remote control.
The maintenance-free Garden Series can be attached to the ground thanks to an aluminium stake.
The power levels go from 60 mW up to 250 mW.

Many applications

Star-like laser porjections create fascinating effects on plants, trees, flowers, meadows, bushes, walls, facades, ponds, pools, walls, balconies, ceilings and countless other objects. Old trees in your garden shine in new splendor. A boring dinner party get an interesting conversation theme together with the ideal visual background.

Further information

You can find more information about the many Garden Laser in our shop for the Garden Star Series.

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