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Are there also DMX capable show laser systems with Master/Slave mode?

Many of our showlaser systems are equipped with quite versatile preset boards, that provide a basic functionality for operation in Music, Auto and DMX mode.

To have the option of Master/Slave operation it is essential, that the units connected can act as transmitter and receiver of DMX512 control signals: The Master unit acts like a DMX controller and sends the control signal to the Slave unit(s). This would only be possible for Auto and Music mode. 

As it is quite tricky to implement a function like that in very cheap units, we decided not to have such an option with our units. especially as they have very good options for DMX control: A DMX controller is available for very cheap nowadays and you have much more options in the way you control the laser(s).

So we recommend:

- use a simple DMX controller as Master
- address the units with the same address to have them doing all the same
- give them different addresses to have even more control options.

Anyway, for semi-professional or professional use we recommend to control the lasers over ILDA (computer control). If DMX is needed, then we recommend to remote control the ILDA software over DMX and not the projector directly. This provides extremely more features and options!

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