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Coherent is an U.S. company that manufactures many different kinds of laser solutions - show laser solutions are only a small part. However, they provide the patented technology OPSL (Optically Pumped Semiconductor Laser), that RTI uses in their high quality Series PIKO and NANO.
As Coherent only manufactures the laser heads, it is necessary that the so called "licensed integrators" have their own driver for these modules. Before such a driver may be used with the OPSL modules, it must be certified by Coherent (otherwise no warranty).

There are only very few licensed integrators worldwide - but Ray Technologies GmbH (RTI) is one of them.
It is normally not possible to buy Taipan OPSL technology directly from Coherent without being integrator - but you can buy from Laserworld: As we sell Coherent OPSL technology fully integrated with the ultra small RTI driver, it can be mounted by professionals - for show laser applications or industrial purposes (see www.RayTechnologies.com).

Please contact our experts if you've got questions about the Coherent Taipan OPSL technology:

0041-71-67780-80 or
[email protected]

Visit Coherent: www.coherent.com
coherent taipan opsl

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