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Upgrade PASS (Professional Audience Safety System)

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Audience safety system

Upgrade PASS (Professional Audience Safety System)

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Whenever it comes to laser light projections there are several safety issues to concern. Especially when the laser show programming uses the popular audience scanning, security has to be guaranteed. PASS is a software-hardware solution who regulates laser beams under a specific horizon to not present any hazard.

PASS consists of a credit-card-sized circuit board which is inserted into the ILDA signal path, and of a light sensor just before the scanners. Five trim-pots provide following adjustments to customize:

  • Scanner velocity
  • Effect size
  • Timing parameters
  • Laser beam power
  • Horizon level

PASS continually monitors the laser power, scanner signals and other projector-related parameters, and works in an intelligent way so as to not destroy the intended visual effect. It is only in the event of a major problem detected within the protector, e.g. the beam stops scanning altogether, PASS will take action and interrupt the light coming from the projector to ensure the safety of the audience.

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