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tarm G10 OPSL

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Quick Overview

Green OPSL show laser light with a browser interface for configuring the projector over LAN / WiFi.

tarm G10 OPSL


The tarm G 10 OPSL show laser projector is a green Coherent Taipan OPSL solution with analog color modulation and a guaranteed output power of 9'000 mW.

  • 9'000 mW guaranteed output power after optics
  • very fast scan speed of 45 [email protected]° ILDA
  • beam accuracy and beam shape are extremely advanced, so these units are suitable for demanding professional applications.
  • green Coherent Taipan OPSL module, which stands out due to beam precision
  • newly developed electronics with calibration capability via a browser interface
  • Robust and dustproof housing, which also makes it possible to use it outdoors without problems


The tarm G10 OPSL has very good specifications with a beam diameter of ca. 2.7 mm and a beam divergence of only 1.0 mrad (full angle).
It is equipped with a green (10'000 mW / 530 nm) Coherent Taipan OPSL module. Other OPSL setups are also available on request.

The tarm G 10 OPSL devices have very fast scanners, running at 45 [email protected]° ILDA and scanning a maximum scan angle of 50°, upgrades to CT-scanners with >60 [email protected]° ILDA, LAS Turboscan driver and a deflection angle of up to 70° (@35 kpps) are available on request. These specifications definitely make the units perfectly suitable for professional applications and ideal for graphics projections.

The tarm G 10 OPSL is controlled via ILDA and is equipped with a newly developed electronics with calibration capability via a browser interface. In addition, color and scanner settings and other parameters can be configured directly via the browser application by connecting the laser directly via LAN (W-LAN is also possible with a suitable access point). Thanks to the browser interface, it is no longer necessary to operate the laser projector directly on the device (since this is often mounted at a height of several meters). All configurations can be conveniently done via a computer (PC, MAC, Linux), a tablet or a mobile phone.
Several units can be addressed at the same time, even the positioning of the devices on a virtual stage is possible. This makes it easy to identify the respective unit to be calibrated.

The housing of the tarm G 10 OPSL is built very rugged and in a dust-proof way, so there is no air circulation inside the enclosure. This reduces maintenance efforts to a minimum.
The mounting bracket allows for hanging and for upright mounting of the laser system.

The tarm G 10 OPSL is especially suitable for demanding show laser applications and graphics projections in clubs, bars and on stages

Additional Information

Guaranteed power at aperture: 9'000 mW
Power Green: 10'000 mW / 530 nm
Beam Specifications (full angle): ca. 2.7 mm / 1.0 mrad
Laser Sources: OPSL
Laser Class: 4
Operation Modes: ILDA
Scanner: 45kpps ILDA 8°
optional CT-6210H with LAS Turboscan: >60kpps ILDA 8°; max. 70°.
Scan Angle max.: 50°
Accessories: browser interface for calibration, power cable, manual, key, interlock connector
Power Supply: 85 V - 250 V / AC
Power Consumption: 340 W
Dimensions: 320/260/140 mm
Weight: 12 kg

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