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tarm 2.5 FB4

MPN: 7640144996765FB4

Quick Overview

Professional, fully analog modulated RGB whitelight pure diode show laser light system by tarm including integrated Pangolin FB4

tarm 2.5 FB4


The tarm 2.5 FB4 show laser projector is a pure diode, full color whitelight RGB laser system with full analog color modulation and already integrated Pangolin FB4 Quickshow 'Max' network interface. The guaranteed output power is specified at 2'700 mW after optics. The benefits of this laser system include:

  • 2'700 mW guaranteed output power
  • network interface Pangolin FB4 Quickshow 'Max' is already integrated
  • including Pangolin Quickshow software
  • a very fast scan speed of 45 [email protected]° ILDA for graphics projection
  • high-precision diode arrays provide an excellent beam divergence of less than 0.9 mrad at a low beam diameter
  • pure diode laser
  • improved method for increasing the beam precision of the single-mode diodes
  • beautiful colors and good color fading
  • the tarm two impresses with a very bright 637 nm single mode red


The tarm 2.5 laser has great beam specifications with a diameter of ca. 3.5 mm and a beam divergence of less than 0.9 mrad (full angle).
It is equipped with a bright red (750 mW / 637 nm), a green (700 mW / 520 nm), and a blue (1'500 mW / 450 nm) diode laser source.

The scanners are very fast with 45 [email protected]° ILDA standard and allow for a maximum scan angle of 50°. Thus they are well graphics capable and suitable for professional laser applications.
Optionally as upgrade available: CT-6210H scanners with 60 [email protected]° ILDA and a max. scan angle of 60°.

Pangolin FB4 Quickshow 'Max':

The tarm 2.5 FB4 show laser has an integrated Pangolin FB4 interface. The Pangolin FB4 is a network interface, which runs with Pangolin Quickshow or Pangolin BEYOND software (available as separate upgrade license). Pangolin Quickshow is already included. There is no need anymore to using ILDA cables to connect the show laser to the control computer.

Features of Pangolin FB4 Quickshow 'Max' are:

  • Full Ethernet control
  • Stand-alone SD memory card
  • Full color OLED display
  • Support for DMX and ILDA

The integrated full color OLED display provides various setting options:

  • Projector settings
  • Network settings
  • Color palette settings
  • Geometric corrections
  • Safety settings
  • etc.

 The Pangolin FB4 'Max' runs the Pangolin Quickshow laser control software and offers the possibility to control the show laser system through TCP/IP network, DMX512 control or by the onboard SD-memory.

For network control:

Just connect a network cable (CAT5) from your computer, running Pangolin Quickshow (free software download on, to the network port of the Pangolin FB4.

For DMX512 control:

Just connect a DMX512 cable (XLR 5pin) from your DMX console or DMX interface to the DMX IN connector of the Pangolin FB4.

With SD-memory:

Create content in Pangolin software and then export this content to the onboard SD-memory (included in delivery). It is possible to playback the content from the SD-memory automatically, without the need for a computer. 

Further advantages of the tarm 2.5 FB4 :

The housing of the tarm 2.5 is built very rugged and in a dust-proof way, so there is no air circulation inside the enclosure. This reduces maintenance efforts to a minimum.
The mounting bracket allows for hanging and for upright mounting of the laser system.

The tarm 2.5 FB4 is especially suitable for show laser applications in clubs and bars and can be used by beginners as well as professionals.

Additional Information

Guaranteed power at aperture: 2'700 mW
Power Red: 700 mW / 637 nm
Power Green: 750 mW / 520 nm
Power Blue: 1'500 mW / 450 nm
Beam Specifications (full angle): ca. 3.5 mm / < 0.9 mrad
Laser Sources: Diode
Laser Class: 4
Operation Modes: network interface Pangolin FB4; DMX, ILDA
Scanner: 45kpps ILDA 8°
optional: CT-6210H (LF); 60kpps ILDA 8°; max. 60°.
Scan Angle max.: 50°
Accessories: power cable, manual, key, interlock connector
Power Supply: 85 V - 250 V / AC
Power Consumption: 100 W
Dimensions: 220 / 220 / 150 mm
Weight: 7 kg
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