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Quick Overview

Powerful full-color showlaser with a guaranteed output power of 27'000 mW. High power 'Made in Germany'



The RTI NANO RGB 30 has a guaranteed output power of 27'000 mW full-color RGB and an incredible white balance. The benefits include:


  • Very low divergence, thus very good visible even from longer distance
  • New digital amps for the scanners - for increased scan speed and scanning accuracy
  • Motorized Color Convergence Alignment available as option
  • 27'000 mW guaranteed output power after optics
  • despite the high power it is possible to reach a maximum scan speed of [email protected]° ILDA
  • low divergence upgrade is available too: with the EMS-9000 scanners, the beam size grows to 10mm, but divergence reduces for perfect long distance projections.
  • high-precision diode arrays (red, blue) provide an excellent beam divergence of less than 1.0 mrad for a low beam diameter! (With the LD-upgrade divergence: <0.6mrad)
  • an extremely high output power with a balanced power distribution: 12'000mW / 638nm red, 7'000mW / 520nm green, and 12'500mW / 450nm blue. Optional setup: 6'500mW / 450nm ,4'500mW / 462nm (26'000 mW guaranteed output power after optics)
  • new technology for increasing the beam precision of the single-mode diodes
  • brilliant colors and great color fading
  • the RTI NANO RGB 30 impresses with a very bright 638 nm red
  • newly developed electronics with calibration capability via a browser interface
  • emergency stop signal can be looped through several RTI NANO systems, which means that one emergency stop is sufficient for all devices
  • quality product, made in Germany
  • Robust and dustproof housing, which also makes it possible to use it outdoors without problems

Easily connect to the RTI NANO laser with PC, MAC, tablet or mobile phone over LAN and adjust color balance, scanner position and scanning size, safety features and more. Laser configuration made easy - even if the system is mounted and not physically accessible any more.

  • NANO LD - Low Divergence upgrade
  • Motorized color alignment upgrade
  • RTI GOBO Wheel
  • Pangolin FB4

The RTI NANO RGB 30 is equipped with laser diode modules with a very homogenous and balanced setup. The special modules ensure brilliant colors, a homogeneous white and great color mixture. The 638 nm light red sources ensure a very good visibility of the red color spectrum. The high-precision diode arrays emit with very small beam diameters and at the same time have an excellent divergence of less than 1.0 mrad (or even <0.6mrad with the special low divergence optics). The beam precision of the single-mode diodes was significantly increased by new methods of beam shaping. The diode laser modules are manufactured by Ray Technologies in Germany.

The RTI NANO RGB 30 is equipped with high-speed scanners, that make the unit perfect for high professional and demanding applications.

By default, the RTI NANO RGB 30 is controlled via ILDA and is equipped with advanced electronics that allow for laser calibration via browser interfaceThe browser interface works with PC, MAC, Linux, tablet, mobile phone, etc., so the on-site calibration of this laser system is easy and does not require any physical access to the laser after set up any more. It connects via LAN (WIFI is also possible with a suitable access point) and contains calibration options or color balance, scanning position, safety features etc. 
Optionally the system can also be supplied with an embedded FB4 (LAN, DMX, SD card operating modes). An external remote control pad is available on request. There is an 'ILDA-IN' interface as well as an 'ILDA-Through' on the back of the device to daisy-chain the control signal. The emergency stop / interlock signal can also be daisy chained for several RTI NANO laser systems, which means that only one emergency stop is sufficient for all RTI NANO devices connected to one another.

Due to the dustproof housing, the maintenance effort is very low and the device is also suitable for tough touring applications.

The powerful RTI NANO RGB 30 is suitable for indoor and outdoor show laser applications at concerts, festivals and other major events. Demanding graphics projections or projections over long distances are possible without any problems.

The RTI NANO RGB 30 is a quality product manufactured in Germany.

Additional Information

Guaranteed power at aperture: 27'000 mW
Power Red: 12'000 mW / 638 nm
Number of single red diodes: 72
Power Green: 7'000 mW / 520 nm
Number of single green diodes: 10
Power Blue: 12'500 mW / 450 nm
Number of single blue diodes: 8
Beam Specifications (full angle): ca. 6.0 mm / <1.0 mrad
optional: ca. 10mm / <0.6 mrad (LD optics)
Laser Sources: Diode
Laser Class: 4
Operation Modes: ILDA; optional DMX, Auto, LAN, SD-card
Scanner: EMS-8000 Digital: 45kpps ILDA 8°
optional EMS-9000 10mm and LD optics: 34kpps ILDA 6°
Scan Angle max.: 60° max.
Accessories: Browser interface (integrated), manual, power cable; optional: detachable remote control pad
Power Supply: 85-250 V AC 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 900 W
Dimensions: 550/385/205 mm
Weight: 32 kg

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