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Club Series

The Laserworld Club Series provides entry level computer controllable show laser light solutions for very low prices. All systems are equipped with fast 30kpps scanners. These laser systems come with stand-alone, sound-to-light, DMX512 and ILDA control option - so they can be used in stand-alone mode as well as within an existing DMX line - and for more professional use they are equipped with an ILDA interface for computer control.
2015 the Club Series not only got a big face-lift with the more lightweight MKII units, but now provides a master-slave mode and other features as well.
The Club Series show laser lights are equipped with 635/650nm red and 445nm royal-blue Diodes and 532nm DPSS laser sources for full RGB.
The CS-2000RGB comes with analog color modulation for even more color shades.

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Showcontroller - laser show softwareControl your Laserworld Club Series Laser Light with Showcontroller via Computer!

High professional laser show and multimedia control software suite with several software parts and many features for professional users who need full control of their show laser system.

Easy creation of music synchronous timeline laser shows as well as overwhelming live laser shows thanks to many preset laser frames and animations. This large set of integrated effects can be extended with own creations of patterns, logos and other laser graphics.

More than 250 free laser shows included!

Check out the new Showcontroller laser show software, or visit the software website at
There you'll find a Showcontroller manual, Showcontroller tutorials, the Showcontroller forum and Showcontroller downloads.