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LaserAnimation PHAENON accurate

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Quick Overview

Next generation laser projectors designed and built for the highest professional demands: extremely compact, lightweight, super silent, easy to handle, 7.6 W RGB power, CT 6210H with Turboscan drivers and ILDA data streaming via Ethernet.

LaserAnimation PHAENON accurate


LaserAnimation’s PHAENON accurate are next generation laser projectors designed and built for the highest professional demands. Besides excellent optical characteristics like beam quality, perfect color modulation and scanning performance the PHAENON accurate can be called the first intelligent projector with built in features like geometrical correction, color and projection settings and several safety features like electronic mask and scan fail safety. All this makes these devices outstanding top-end products. Although the PHAENON accurate laser systems are extremely compact with only 33.1 x 15.4 x 10.5 cm – 2 units fit as carry-on luggage on a plane – they have an extraordinary well designed thermal management to cope with the heat dissipation inside the unit. Even though the heat sink is extremely compact, the PHAENON accurate lasers do not require the cooling fans to run at full speed – depending on the environmental temperature the units usually work super silent due to an adaptive cooling concept.

PHAENON accurate lasers have a carbon housing – it is an actual carbon housing, like it is used for aircraft or high performance car chassis. This is carbon housing is a huge advantage over normal steel or even aluminum housings, as it makes the PHAENON accurate laser way much more lightweight than comparable other laser systems. A weight of only ca. 5kg and the tiny dimensions make these devices easy to handle: Easy to transport, easy to mount and easy to hide in an installation environment.

The LaserAnimation PHAENON accurate lasers are equipped with a “White 7000” laser module with an overall power of 7.6W RGB (at source), designed and manufactured in Germany in a unique process resulting in a smaller module size with a tighter beam and better thermal properties. The special diode drivers “LDT triple” ensures long diode lifetime and extremely good color modulation behavior. The CT 6210H scanners, combined with the legendary Turboscan drivers allow for excellent graphics projection at a maximum projection angle of 80° - a solid scan speed of 40 [email protected]° ILDA and a fast reaction time (2° opt. step).

Besides the standard ILDA analog input, the PHAENON accurate lasers also have a digital interface based on the state-of-the-art AVB / TSN transmission protocol, which allows for easy and stable ILDA data streaming via Ethernet. This AVB solution in advantageous over standard Ethernet transmission methods, as it assigns and reserves certain bandwidths per connected device. This ensures a very stable signal transmission even if many more devices are connected to the same network infrastructure.

Each PHAENON accurate can be configured through the versatile LA Toolbox configuration software: Geometric correction, color balance, scanning behavior and many other calibration features can be accessed via Ethernet connection to the laser. This makes control-software based adjustments obsolete.

Additional Information

Guaranteed power: 7'600 mW
Power Red: 1'600 mW / 638 nm
Power Green: 2'000 mW / 520 nm
Power Blue: 4'000 mW / 445 nm
Beam Specifications (full angle): 4.0 mm / <1.1 mrad
Laser Sources: Diode
Laser Class: 4
Operation Modes: ILDA, LAN AVB
Scanner: CT 6210H with 40 [email protected]° ILDA
Scan Angle max.: 80°
Power Supply: 85 V/AC - 264 V/AC, 50 Hz - 60 Hz
Power Consumption: 300 W
Dimensions: 331 x 154 x 105 mm (L x W x H)
Weight: 5.4 kg