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Hydroshield Set, 17 x 45m

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Hydroshield set for outdoor laser and video projections

Hydroshield Set, 17 x 45m

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The Hydroshield has been designed for large-scale outdoor applications. Under high pressure water runs through nozzles mounted in water basins. The Hydroshield creates a semicircle water shield with approx. 17m high and approx. 45m width for image sizes up to 20 x 15m. It can be used as surface for different laser and video projections to create great effects.

There are various applications possible:
  • Hotels
  • Amusement parks
  • Discotheques
  • Theatres
  • Museums
  • Trade shows
  • Billboards
  • Special effects
  • Advertising screen

The Hydroshield Set includes:
  • 2 x 55kW stainless-steel waterpump for Hydroshield 17 x 45m
  • stainless steel tubes and Y-connector to combine the waterpumps
  • stainless steel mounting construction
  • power supply and power distribution with DMX controller

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