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Laser light becomes more and more demanded in entertainment industry. In different countries different words are used to describe laser light: Some call them laser light systems, laser light projectors or entertainment lasers. Some, especially from China, call them laser display or laser display system. Generally spoken, laser light (or better: show laser light) is a "machine" that emits laser radiation in the visible spectrum from 400-700nm wavelength. there are other lasers available in different wavelengths, but those cannot be called laser light as their beams cannot be seen with human eye. Different types of laser lights exist, e.g. star effect laser light, which creates a multitude of single dots on walls or ceailing, or normal laser lights with scanner systems (galvos) which are used to rapidly deflect the laser beam and thus creat niche graphics, abstracts or beam effects. Show laser light systems can be used in a way directed towards the spectators (beam show, aerial laser show), facing a wall or projection surface (graphics show, laser light projection) or directing to the sky (sky laser).

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