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How can I optimize my laser output quality?

As every show laser has a different behavior when it comes to scanning and color handling, it is essential to optimize the way the software handles the laser output. All adjustments are connected with each other, so you moght re-adjust a parameter after changing another.

Laserworld Showeditor's standard setting work with every laser system well and won't destroy any scanning system. Optimize the standard settings by following these steps:

  1. Go to Options -> Output Optimization
  2. Scan Rate
    Before you make any adjustments, make sure to set the scan rate first.
  3. Output Optimization
    Set all point optimization options to the minimum value. Don't change the settings for Max.Distance!
  4. Color Shift Optimization
    This setting depends on the interpolation distance and on the scan speed.
    Open the test figure BlankShift_EachSide
    Display the figure with your show laser to a wall / screen.
    Adjust the color shift settings per color. The triangle corners must display the right color with no overlaps.
  5. Interpolation, max. distance, extra points, etc.
    Open the test figure Ilda12K
    Have a look at the Showeditor Manual to understand each setting.
    Observe the test figure and how the settings change it. Always listen to the sound of the scanning system! Reduce the value if the scanners get too loud and produce screaming noises.

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