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How can I make my own MIDI profile?

To create your own MIDI profile or adapt an existing profile for a MIDI controller, go to Options -> MIDI/DMX

  1. Click on "View MIDI Monitor" to see which MIDI value is sent by the MIDI device when pressing a key.
  2. The MIDI signal consists of three values: message number, Data1, Data2
  3. Select the vary effect that you want to apply to a key / fader / button on the MIDI.
  4. Press the key or slied the fader you want the effetc to aply to. Enter the message numer that you see in the MIDI monitor.
  5. There are two data values. Look for the value that does'n change when pressing the key /sliding the fader. Enter this number as "Value" and specify if it was Data1 or Data2.
  6. Continue as long as all values are specified.
  7. Save the MIDI settings.

For more details, ^please have a look a the Laserworld Showeditor Tutorial section.

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