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Find Your Laser - Private And Home Use, Party

laser for private use party at homeLasers suitable for private and home use, for parties or just garden illumination: The products shown below are the ones we consider most suitable for these kind of applications. Click on the very product to find out more on technical specifications, price and an option to purchase online.
Most Lasers of the Garden Series are waterproof and suitable for outdoor use. They usually do twinkling-star effects (starry sky, star shower) in different colors. The Lasers of the Ecoline Series are an economic, entry level option to show laser lighting.
When used at home or at a party, the laser usually does not need to be very strong, so basic lasers are laser effects are often sufficient and provide the desired effects.

Recommended Lasers for private use, at home or at a party:

Laserworld EL-230RGB
Power total:
230 mW
100 mW
20 mW
50 mW
Beam specs:
5 kpps
Laser class:
Diode, DPSS Laser

Distributed brands:

Distributed Brand LaserworldDistributed Brand tarmdistributed brand Ray Technologies
Distributed Brand Laserworld ShoweditorDistributed Brand Garden StarDistributed Brand SparkBlasterDistributed Brand PangolinDistributed Brand coherentDistributed Brand wireless solutionsDistributed Brand Spider Laser Game

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