PRG/LEA Stage at prolight+sound 2016 - laser show with Laserworld lasers | Laserworld

### lasers kick in at around 04:08 ### PRG (Production Resource Group) built a spectacular stage in the "Festhalle" at this year's prolight+sound exhibition. Jerry P Appelt was the lighting designer and put a massive amount of lasers to the show. More than 400W of laser power enriched and enflavoured the highlight show of PRG. The laser show was designed and programmed by laserfabrik GmbH, all laser projectors were manufactured by the Laserworld Group. This was the laser setup: - 1x RTI ANGO O 15 - 2x tarm laserray HD für Projektion - 2x tarm AT RGBY - 8x RTI PIKO RGB 18R - 4x RTI NANO RGB 30R - 4x RTI NANO RGB 22R - 12x RTI NEO SIX RGB 2 These control systems were used for laser show control: - 4x Laseranimation Lasergraph DSP workstation - 2x Laseranimation Lasergraph DSP compact - 1x Laseranimation Lasergraph DSP travel - 2 x MA-Lighting GrandMA2 The RTI NEO SIX RGB have been featured on this stage for the first time, as they have just been launched at prolight+sound 2016. The RTI NEO SIX RGB is a laser beam array system with white-light laser output, full analog modulation and scanners for accurate beam position. This new laser array allows for completely new stage designs, as it's not only very powerful and accurate, but also easy to control through standard DMX. More about the RTI NEO SIX RGB 2: #laserworld #pls2016 #leaaward #prg #laserfabrik #lasershow #prolightsound #messefrankfurt


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