Pangolin BEYOND 3D lernen - Kapitel 6: Objekte drehen und stauchen

Dieses Tutorial zeigt, wie man feste Objekte aus Wellen und Kurven erstellt:

This is what the video is about:
And just a few more kind of some bonuses for you: Right click, create new 3d animation. I want to be on 3d file new and show you some other pretty cool tools, involving both curves and surfaces. So we come over here to kar, say create an empty curve. Gonna come over here into the front view. This time click, click, click draw something like the poor man's wine glass. Then come over here to surfaces and click on this button right here create Lee it automatically creates this late surface for us which now we can use the size tool and make that smaller and here's our little 3d wine glass just that quick pretty cool now in fact we've got a two things we got our three wine glass and we got our source curve and we can get rid of this one of two ways: we can either come over here and say we don't want to be visible in the render maybe we don't even want to be visible and editor might be kinda confusing or there's a cooler thing that you can do which is this be on 3d with smart enough to know that the very first thing you did was draw a curve and the next thing you did withdrawal a probably wanted that curve to be the thing to laze it doesn't have to be that way we can you do it unlink here unchecked this and then if you drag and drop this curve right there it will use that curve as the bases up the lave and it will have this crazy extra thing in the render you have to deal with so that's how you can create 3d one class that's pretty cool so file new to another thing will do come over here to curb click on this maybe change it to and the gun come back over here the surfaces and try this one called extrude you automatically create 3d pentagon for you and obviously you can create your own empty curve a circle wherever you want to do that acre create ensured object and just like we did with the ladies what you could do you say don't use a link curb rather drag-and-drop use that curve and it just make things will be easier are safe file new turn on a laser output will do one more come over here to curve create an empty curve in this case I'm gonna do in top you and will create something like the swimming pool shape we want the curve to be closed like that and now will say on surfaces textured that come over here and make that surface a bit smaller and this cuz I don't really like this link curves will just do that there's our 3d might be it stake IP swimming pool might be a Lima Bean something like that 3d object sure did object now I think you'll notice is these extra lines here we can get rid of that by controlling how the laser interprets that in this case what we'll do is we'll turn of creases and have only the silhouettes in the folds if we want we could put some contour lines on their this way however you would wanna interpret that and laser you can maybe that's not bad so once again rendered send the beyond there's are when the pool or lima bean or stick.


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