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Multimedia Spectacle in Bird's Nest Stadium - 1st clip, Beijing 2013 | Laserworld, Ray Technologies

1st clip of the Multimedia Show 'Attraction', which took place in the Bird's Nest Stadium, Beijing (the Olympic stadium of 2008, also called Birdnest or "Vogelnest). These Show laser light projectors were used: 4 x RTI NANO AT4 RYGB 22 2 x RTI NANO AT6 RYGCB 35 4 x RTI PIKO RGB 11.0 -------- Beijing National Stadium, fondly referred to as the Bird's Nest, was originally built in 2008 in Beijing, China to accommodate the summer Olympics of that year. More recently, the facility has become a prominent venue for shows and other forms of entertainment. The year 2012 featured a rather large but temporary multimedia show that took place in the stadium. As a result of the acclaim associated with this show, another one entitled Attraction was produced in 2013 and ran from December until May. Attraction's plot featured a romantically involved couple whose relationship was being interfered with by the Devil. The Devil's failed attempts to convince the male in the relationship to practice infidelity led to the villain becoming quite enraged. His angry reaction ultimately rendered the world devoid of all colors. This evil plot was foiled by the male protagonist after an entire spectrum of colors burst out of his chest, once again breathing the power of good into the world. The devil had been defeated and life had once again been injected into the world. Given the emotional nature and the symbolic importance of color in this show's structure, creating multimedia scenery was an arduous task for the producers. The inner portion of the stadium, formerly the location of the track and field, was used as the stage. The entire back end of the stage was covered with LED panels. This allowed for very rapid multimedia visual transitions. There were approximately 150 human actors involved in choreography and stunt performances in addition to this electronically-induced spectacle. Members of the cast engaged in both conventional acting, and the rather obscure style of acting as inanimate objects, such as snowflakes. The back-drop of this show featured two large hydro-shields being used as projector screens. Video and laser projections were displayed on these screens in order to enhance the visual experience of the show. Unique to this show was the usage of color as both a superficial visual delight and a deeply symbolic interpretation of the emotionality of the story. Despite this show's finite existence, the performance was met with much acclaim. With such spectacles becoming increasingly popular in China, a nation that now features more laser light shows than both the United States and Europe, one can expect an extended continuance of such shows. Given the positive feedback associated with Attraction, many more similar shows can be expected in the near future.

Cosmic Gate | Laserworld
Cosmic Gate | Laserworld
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