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HB-Laser Neptun VarioStream 100

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10m fontaine set

HB-Laser Neptun VarioStream 100


  • submersible pump rated power 1.5kW, rated current 4.5A, rated voltage 3x 400V, delivery head Hmax 20m, flow rate Qmax 420l/min, pump completely made of stainless steel, drivelub seal sealing system for safe and long-lasting pump operation
  • height control for submersible motor power up to 4kW, rated current 10.2A, rated voltage 3x 400V. V/f characteristic controlled, maximum overload of 150% for 60s, LED control panel with setpoint potentiometer, PID regulator, ModBus interface, 5 programmable digital inputs, 2 analog inputs, 1pulse-input, integrated mains filter C2
  • 14mm clear beam nozzle for a wind-stable efull jet with up to 12m high, up to 15° swivel ball joint from the vertical
  • conversion unit from DMX to control the height control with monitoring of motor current and motor temperature

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Weight: 30 kg