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The RTI NEO ONE is an innovative laser product, that has been especially designed for the use by professional production companies without the additional control requirements that conventional, professional laser systems require: The RTI NEO ONE is completely controllable through DMX. A built-in SD-card playback system can be used for loading own ILDA frames/patterns to - the ILDA software Laserworld Showeditor FREE is supplied with the NEO ONE for free. Each RTI NEO ONE module creates ca. 4W RGB full color output, so a laser power of about 24W per meter is reached - this makes the RTI NEO ONE very suitable for large stage productions, like festivals, large scale multi media applications or concerts. Due to the versatile quick lock system it is possible to combine the RTI NEO ONE units to nearly any shape. The hexagonal housing allows for flexible mounting and shaped constructions. Special quick-lock-spacers are available as well, to space the RTI NEO ONE units to the desired distance. The power supply to the NEO ONE has the same size and shape as the RTI NEO ONE units. One power supply supplies six RTI NEO ONE units, which makes the whole system easily scalable without additional requirements in terms of wiring or interlock. Further details on the product at: https://www.laserworld.com/shop/rti-neo-one #rti #rtineoone #neoone #raytechnologies #laserworldlasers #laserworld

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