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Evaluate beam quality

It is always difficult to compare technologies if the right parametres for comparison are unknown. Laserworld helps YOU to identify the most suitable show laser for your needs.
There are several more factors to consider in terms of visibility and power of a laser system, but especially if it comes to long distance projections, it is essential to compare: It's not only the power that counts, but very much more the specifications of the beam, meaning the behavior of the laser beams over longer distances.
Below is a calculation tool, that helps to compare different laser systems with the crucial parametres. Please remember, that the actual visibility still depends on the light color, not only on power!
Caution: Only compare equal values! Some market participants don't provide the correct full angle divergence values like Laserworld does, but thes provide a half angle divergence to give the impression of a better system. If you find half angle divergence values, multiply them by 2 to compare them with full angle values.

This comparison is especially suitable for longer projection distances!
By the way: Here you can see how advantageous OPSL Techology provided by Laserworld is.

Please fill in all values, at least for Laser 1

Distance [m]:

Laser 1:
Laser 2:
Power [mW]:
Power [mW]:
Divergence [mrad]:
Divergence [mrad]:
Diameter at aperture [mm]:
Diameter at aperture [mm]:

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Value definition:Laser 1:Laser 2:
Beam diametre after m: mm mm
Area of laser point after m: mm2 mm2
Laser intensity after m: mW/mm2 mW/mm2

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